Benq DW1610 not recording properly?




Hey fellow CD Freaks,
I have a two year old Benq DW1610 that has been working fine up until recently. Let me give you a bit of history. I have been using DVD Decryptor to decrypt protected movies and after loading onto my hard drive I use Nero 6.0 to burn the movies onto a DVD R+. All has been well except lately I still manage to copy movies onlt to discover that the last chapter or two of the movie is distorted or skipped completely. I tried to use other decryptor programs with the same result, DVD shrink etc. I finally tried to make a copy of a movie that I had successfully copied before and could not make a good copy of the movie. Correct me if I am wrong but this suggests that the problem might be in my Benq DW1610? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might correct the problem with my Benq DW1610? I have no idea how to test my DVD burner other than using the Wizard that acame with my computer and that indicates all is well, I think that all that that does is make sure that it has power and is connected properly? I sent a note to Benq and they would not help me, they only suggested that I go to this site. I am more than willing to buy another DVD burner if this one is defective, but I would like to be certain that this Benq DW1610 is toast before I throw it away.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Could be related to media.

What’s the name of the disc.

Use DVDIdentifier to retrieve mediacode and post result.


This is most likely down to the media that you are using. Poor quality and cheap dvds/cds will always cause problems.

You could try updating your firmware. Only use High Quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.