BenQ DW1610 First Test Results



I just got that the 1610 today from newegg, and so far I am very impressed. Out of all the media I had lying around, this ProdiscR03 is that fastest that something would burn, and I burned it at 12x. It only took a little under 6 minutes also. I will rety to burn more media and post more results if anyone is intersted. This 12x burn is certainly 10 times better then my Lite On 1213S ever did, I love BenQ! :bow:


How about testing DVD-R burns?


That does not look bad, But I like Vmsrules would like to see -R test, as my 1620 beta fw test on -R is not good.


Under 6min @ 12x for a full 4.7GB data?


odd i get 6:33 speed3 make data disk for 12x on my RicohR02 media, with 1600@1620


Yup, that should be the standard timing at ~6min 30min for BenQ @ 12x.


I concur, with my 1600.


please try some -r’s


OK, I burned a DVD-R. This is all I could find laying around, I think I may have some Ritek G04’s. Anyway, this was only able to burn at 4x!! But you can’t argure with the results. Not the best, but deffiantly decent. :slight_smile:


can you post the transfert rate test of nero dvd speed?


What burning programs are you using? I can’t seem to get RecordNow DX 4.6 to recognize my 1610, even with the latest (Aug. 9) pxEngine update… Also, has anyone been able to burn at faster than 4x on most 4x-capable media? I wouldn’t mind seeing ProdiscS03 (-R) or RicohJPN01/CMCMAGF01 (+R) working at 8x like with my former LiteON 811 and ND2500 - not expecting it to be default, but hopefully someone can hack a firmware :slight_smile:


I used Nero for burning, the latest release. I can’t get Rico 01 to burn at 8x, only 4x. Same luck with MCC02 DVD+R. It would be nice to get some firmware to burn these faster.


I bought my 1610 from a retailer here in canada. But the result is not as what I expected. The 1610 can finish the burning but it fails on the scan test. I sloted another from the shop, but this time, it’s much worser. The disk it burned can’t be recognized by the 1610 itself.

I just tested -R, should I test +R? :sad:


Certainly, Benq’s writer is favor in +R writing. If you worry for +R compatibility for other dvd players, you may use the bundled BitSet Management tools to enable +R disc as DVD-ROM.

I have been burning more than 30 +R discs and never have a hippcups.