BenQ DW1610 DVD-ROM Bit Setting

I own a BenQ dw1610 :slight_smile:
But I’m in trouble while trying to Burn Video DVD…
The booktype setting always remain DVD-R (or DVD+R) not taking count of the bit setting currently selected with its own booktype setting management utility. I tryed everything using these Nero versions: Reloaded

NO WAY!!! :Z :a
Also tryed setting the registry Key:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder]
“BookTypeDVDROM”=dword:00000001 :cool:

Same result… :confused:

Is there a way to make any Burned DVD+R(-R) with DVD-ROM Booktype Setting?

Thank You a Lot in advance…!!! :bow: :bow:

Giampi :cool:


You can ONLY bit set +R (W) media - to DVD-rom


If they are already burned disks…i don’t think you can change them after…is that what you want to know? Unless they are + /RW disks then i think you can change after you erase them.

Wait a moment… :confused:
I didn’t say I want to change the booktype on a burned DVD… :confused:
I mean I want to make a DVD-ROM using both DVD-R or +R… :confused:

Other burners like Pioneer or NEC JUST DO THIS! :iagree:
Why my BenQ is NOT able to do it? :Z :a

Every burned DVD always remain with DVD-R or +R bit Setting… :Z

The booktype management utility shipped with my Burner allows to change the Booktype setting only for The +R media …But Nero overrides these settings and it always burn with +R type. :sad:
The same is with -R media… :a


As I said before - you can change +R or +RW media ONLY to DVD-ROM - you CANNOT make -R or -RW media DVD-ROM - period