BenQ DW1600 vs. DW1610

I have the option of buying the BenQ DW1600 or DW1610. As far as I know I can
upgrade the DW1600 to a DW1620 by doing a firmware update. Is there any negative
side to this or, or is it recommended to buy the DW1610. I am afraid
that the DW1600 is an inferiour or older model. The DW1620 is not available in my
country (or I couln’t find one for sale ;)) but the DW1600 and DW1610 costs about
the same.

Can anyone with experience doing this please comment?

I’d go with the DW1600 and upgrade it to the DW1620. There’s probably nothing to it, but when I see problem BenQs it seems to be more likely the DW1610. Also for DL burners, the laser has to meet stricter tolerances (which may make for better reading performance).

BenQ 1600 is a dual layer writer and cam be transformed to a 1620 by firmware upgrade.
A BenQ 1610 is not a dual layer writer and can’t be upgraded to a dual layer.

I bought a 1610 for 65 euro yesterday.
I regret my buy.
I thought a 1610 is a dual layer.
But he isn’t.

The is also a 1630 (4 speed dual layer) in the near future.

Also what I may have not made clear is the DW1600 is (to the best of my knowledge) the same physical burner as the DW1620, only different firmware.

I have been usinging 1610 nearly a month and had never made a single coaster over 50 dvdr writings.

The DL capability of 1620 is only 2.4X and not a big step in advancement for the 8XX series. I don’t think there is any significant difference in hardware components on 1610 and 1620. I realize that the major selling points of 16XX series is capable to burn at 16X using CAV, 12X at P-CAV on +R compared with other 16X writers. 2.4X DL function is just a fun to 16XX series.

The 1620 is probably going to get 4x DL on next firmware.

Thanks for the replies - I just got my new DW1620 (OEM) drive :wink: . It was selling for roughly the same price as the DW1610 and DW1600.

Is there any difference between the OEM an Retail version (except for the label ;))? So far everything looks good. Yay!

You might have firmware with a “G” instead of a “B” in it i.e. most current firmware is G7L9 or B7L9. The G version is out on BenQ europe site. There both the same firmware just update according to what you have now.

Originally Posted by yangxi
BENQ DW1620 “OEM” flash to “RETAIL” firmware

step1: ( G7K9 -> DW1600 firmware )

step2: ( dw1600 -> 1620 )

step3: ( latest dw1620 firmware)

Thanks very much yangxi, I converted to DW1600 first, then to DW1620, and finally updated to B7L9 firmware without any problems at all. I followed your 3 downloads. For anyone out there with a G firmware I advise you to follow yangxi instructions to turn your burner into a true BenQ DW1620 using B firmware.

Just a note here, I and several others could not upgrade our OEM with the G or B firmware so I followed the instructions above and cross burned my OEM G drive to a Retail B firmware DW 1620. Now I have no problems updating firmware with B series and the computer sees it as a BenQ DVD DD DW1620 instead of ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16.

Good news :wink: - I’ll try it later thanks

Above links don’t work :sad: - here’s the link to the thread

I couldn’t update with either the G7L9 or B7L9 firmware, but this crossflashing worked. Nice to see BENQ instead of ATAPI :wink:

Nero InfoTool 2.27

Drive Information

Drive : ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16
Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : G7C9

Nero InfoTool 2.27

Drive Information

Drive : BENQ DVD DD DW1620
Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : B7L9