BenQ DW1600 Drive Installation Issues

I just recently bought a BenQ DW1600 (Digital Research Drive: lol) from Office Depot. When I try to install the drive, It returns the 80 conductor error. And the drive is not detected. I noticed that when I try the drive it takes a while for the detecting IDE drives bios feature to run through. I have the jumper set the same as the NEC 2510A drive that I have in the computer but nothing. Anyone think the drive is just bad? Or has this been happening recently?

try set the jumper at “CS”.

cannot have the jumpers set the same. one has to be master or slave. you can also try setting the jumpers at cs

As stated above you must either set both jumpers to CS (cable select) on both drives, OR set your NEC2510A to Master and set your BENQ drive to Slave. The back of the drives should have markings on it to tell you what jumper it is.