BenQ DW1600

BenQ EU has added info about the DW1600 to its website now:

Max. DVD writing speed 16x (21600KBps) +R CAV
Max. DVD Re-writing speed 4x (5400KBps) +RW
Max. DVD DL writing speed 2.4X (3240KBps) +R Dual Layer
Max. CD writing speed 40x (6000KBps) CAV
Max. CD Re-writing speed 24x (3600KBps)
Max. DVD Reading speed 16x (21600KBps) CAV
Max. CD reading speed 40x (6000KBps) CAV
Seek time 120ms (DVD) / 120ms (CD)

In August 2004 BenQ will provide a free firmware upgrade which upgrades your DVD RW to:
8x (10800KBps) -R, 4x (5400KBps) -RW


BenQ announced on June 29 the launch of two new 16x DVD+RW burner models, the DW1610 and DW1620. One with DL and one without.Link to story

Doesn’t make a lot of sense to have two drives unless the 1620’s are the ones that calibrate for DL and the 1610’s are the ones that won’t…

The DW1600 was suppose to be the first 16x with DL. The 1610 doesn’t seem to have DL abd the 1620 seems to have it. BenQ is just coming out with too many models.

hello guys
i’m very happy. i have just noticed that benq 1600 is now out, here in Italy.
it costs 130/140 euros. (nec 2510 here costs 100/120 euros, lg 4120 costs 120/140euros)

i am wondering if buy it. anyone here know if several kprobe scans are available on the web? i’m not interesting of 16x speed, but if the writing quality of this burner is as good as 8xx burners i think i’ll buy this drive.

moreover, are you sure that firmware allowing -r/-rw writing will be FREE???
the fw that enabled -r/-rw writing for DW800 costed 10 dollars due to lincences.

thank you very much

Here’s the first U.S. listing for the DW1600 at $126.95. It’s not in stock, they said they’d get there first shipment in the 2nd week of July.

Some promo during the weekend here in Singapore.

I talked to a US BenQ optical manager and he said that the DW1600 was a transitional product with limited availability due to the fact that they realized that the customer didn’t want a single format writer and that they would be moving on to models 1610 and 1620 at the end of July.

Pictures of the 1620

Thanks Vanderlow.
I love my Benq burner but Benq needs to just quit screwing with the + only crap.
It’s getting a little tiring seeing “update to support -R” or “update to support DL” coming in September or whenever.
With the 4x -R dual format firmware for the 800A never being officialy released it makes you wonder WTF they are doing.

I also swore he also said these newer models would have 12x - support although all current info says 8x. I still think its stupid that they are offering a non-DL burner (1610) for a $20 price difference.

Actually BenQ Global shows support for 12 DVD-R for the DW1620 now (and DW1610 too).
I would rather have support for 8x DVD+RW though…

err, i heard there will be free upgrade to DW1620, anyone can confirm? about the -R/-RW will be available as free upgrade right?


i read about upgrade do DW1620 on cdrinfo forum.
yes, the fw enabling -r/rw will be free, it is stated on benq websites

I wait for the BenQ DW1650.

BenQ DW1650: DVD±R = 16x, DVD±RW = 8x, DVD+R DL = 4x, SATA.

SATA, yes.

Dunno if you guys seen this before :smiley:

A review with the latest firmware

They’re starting to list the DW1620 for $113. Not in stock yet.

Here is the link which confirm a free firmware-upgrade (DW1600 -> DW1620). :iagree:

more tests with some media


Where to buy DW1620 in Europe via mail order, anyone?