BenQ DW1600 16x DVD+R Writer review at Hardware Zone

I just posted the article BenQ DW1600 16x DVD+R Writer review at Hardware Zone.

edstar used our news submit to tell us
“Just came across this. Waiting for the kettle to boil b4 I read it!” This
drive has been given a preview here at CD Freaks as well by Tor Magne,…

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I hate it how sites always have to be first to do something, and aren’t worried about the quality of the written work.

Where do they get x16 media?

The media manuf’s supply the drive maker’s samples so they can get thier media to work with the drive, and then when the drive manuf. sends out units to sites like CDFreaks or Hardware Zone, they include some of that media with it, as it makes thier drive look better.