Benq DW1600 [ 12x Prodisc R03 ]

TEST Drive = BENQ DW1600 [ June 2004 , ON2 ]
[/color] Prodisc R03

FW: B5G9
New firmware can support 12x !!!

[b]Disc Quality

Test Drive = [Liteon 832s ]

LOW PI/PO :lol: (Burn 12x) Grade “A”[/b] is it good result ?

READ [BENQ DW1600A] :slight_smile:

One more time, we can say : “Let’s update firmware” :rolleyes:

Just tried my INTENSO DVD+R 1X-8X bought in Germany in Vobis for 8,99 euros for 10 disks in spindle.
It’s Prodisc R03 too and works at 12X :bigsmile:
Thank you for information.

RITEK R03 cannot support 12x ~~~~

B5G9 rulez :bow: :iagree:

benq has auto set booktype dvd+r to dvd-rom.

Yes, but it looks strange comparing to my liteon.
When I make the burned dvd in dvd-rom player it indicates me DVD-ROM, but when I make it in a dvd-writer, it indicates DVD+R.

Very strange, isn’t it?

Do you have the same?

It’s not strange. DVD writer surely recognized DVD+R no matter booktyped or not.

When I made DVD-ROM booktyped with my liteon, my liteon recognized it like dvd-rom.
When I make now with Benq, it’s recognized like DVD+R in my liteon, will try in Benq my old liteon disk made.