BenQ DW-1655 problems, please help!

Hi, I am new here and in need of help as i am beyond frustrated and have searched and searched and cannot find an answer. I have an issue that hopefully can get resolved.

  1. I just installed the BenQ-DW1655 today and am having issues,

My computer recognizes the drive in device manager correctly as BenQ DW-1655 but it will not read or play any kind of discs!! It will not even acknowledge a disc in the drive.

Nero info tool recognizes it to and the firmware says BCAB. I updated the firmware also to BCDB with no success as well. I have tried setting it to Master on Primary, Slave on Primary,Master on Secondary and Slave on Secondary - nothing.

I am starting to think it was DOA.

Any suggestions?


try in a different pc, if same behavior persists, its likely DOA

Hi :slight_smile:
Does seem that you need to RMA it. Pain in the ass I know. Have seen your posts on other forums. So I realise your hoping for some miracle. Good luck.

Me too… do you have a bootable CD or DVD? Try booting from that… if it fails, then the drive is gone for sure (unless you have configured BIOS to boot from HD first :wink: )…

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:

EDIT: HEY, two folks faster than me! I’m getting old… :sad:


Hi, Thanks for the quick replies!

I got just off the phone with BenQ support and they seem to think it’s a dead drive as well. So it is going to be RMA’ed.

No miracles today, lol.


Hi again,

I am about to send it in tomorrow for a replacement but after reading reviews of other BenQ drives i noticed this -

“Poorly programmed tools and firmware updates – doesn’t work on some systems with extra PCI IDE controllers.”

I do have a PCI IDE controller with both of my HD’s hooked up to it. I do not think that is my problem as i did hook it up to another system with no success, so i think it is still a dead drive. But if i am RMA’ing it for a replacement should that quote above be a concern? Should i just try a different brand all together?

thanks again,

Benqs are usually the best drives out there. I had a simular issue mine worked kinda funny for a while then it wouldnt even eject. So I am rmaing mine.

but usually they are better than this…I am hoping thier quality isnt going down.

Hehe, that was in the DW1640 review by OC-Freak. I can try to ask OC for explanation but he’s currently busy reviewing other drive(s). In my opinion, you don’t have to worry about that.

Ok, great! Just thought i would toss that out there and see if anyone actually had problems related to that.


I just received a DOA DW-1655 also. Off to RMA limbo. Just posting for stats in cast this model doesn’t live up to BenQ’s good name.

FWIW my retail 1655 from newegg doesn’t eject with the eject button, rma-ed already. I hope they don’t have a QA issue. My rebadged IOmagic works fine though.

Just got and installed the DW1655, plays everything you can throw at it, BUT, everything it burns will not play in anything , except the PC.—Unknown disc, is the message. Got me beat.My other drives still producing, using the same software, but Benq won’t co-operate,—Unknown disc. (media is good–all JPN)

the first io majic rebadged i got also had problems, it will burn the first half of inch of the dvd like a huricane shape and then the rest of the dvd is fine. had to take back to Staples for an exchange. wonder about the quality control???