BenQ DW 1640 test speed

I bought 2 month ago a new BenQ DW1640 burner, bulk drive from a retailer located in my country. Drive is working good, reads ok, writes better. i burnt around 30 dvds and a few cds, never got a fail, never had a dvd with a qulaity score after testing in Nero Cd/DVD Speed less than 90%. Problem is like this: drive is set as primary master, on the same IDE cable with a Teac DVD-ROM. I ussualy do my testing with the Teac (which reads both C1 and C2), because when testing with the BenQ drive, at any speed, the reading speed never exceeds 1.10X. However, when i use the DVD-RW drive for reading discs it reads normally, at normal speed (which i presume is around 10X), if i do a speed test with Nero it performs normally, starting at 8x and reaching higher than 10x speeds. I havent upgraded to the latest firmware (which when i bought the drive was BSLB), i still have BSGB. This problem is not only mine, a friend of mine bought the exact same drive, from the exact same place, in the exact same day. I tried to do testing with his on another computer, did the same. I upgraded his drive to BSLB, did the same.
I think it is set on DMA.
I spose its just some kind of configuration problem or maybe because its bulk drive. CD/DVD Speed i`m refering to is one of the 3.xx series.
I will post this days a few screnshots

PS: writing quality is as good as it can get so im sure its not a hardware problem

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Upgrade to latest CD-DVD Speed.