BenQ DW 1640 Specifications

Source From BenQ

BenQ DW1640 Specifications

Data Transfer Rate /double layer write: 88.64 Mbit/sec (8X)
Data Transfer Rate /write: 177.28 Mbit/sec (16X)
Data Transfer Rate /rewrite: 88.64 Mbit/sec (8X)
Data Transfer Rate /write: 177.28 Mbit/sec (16X)
Data Transfer Rate /rewrite: 66.48 Mbit/sec (6X)
Data Transfer Rate /read: 177.28 Mbit/sec (16X, Max.)Access time: 120 ms
Data Transfer Rate /write: 7200 KByte/sec (48X)
Data Transfer Rate /rewrite: 4800 KByte/sec (32X)
Data Transfer Rate /read: 7200 KByte/sec (48X, Max.)
Access time: 120 ms

Supported IDE mode
PIO mode 0/1/2/3/4
DMA mode 0/1/2
UDMA mode 0/1/2

Physical Characteristics
Dimension: 146 X 42 X 178 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: 820 g

820 gram weight is especially good. Lighter is better!

Why should “lighter be better” if we are not talking about a mobile device?

For many devices it only meant “plastic instead of metal” for mechanical parts like the laser head mount/guides and so on… which is not necessarily a better solution regarding longevity IMO.

Still no -R DL support?
Strange. :confused:

Well BenQ & Philips are pretty tight and favour the + format more from what I understand so I dont think you will see DVD-R DL supported right away but perhaps maybe a firmware update some time later down the road.

Has anyone actually seen a DVD-R DL?

There were some tests posted with DVD-R DL done recently over here, from the small preview the compatability factor doesnt look to good so I would say DVD-R DL seems less usefull than DVD+R DL if that turns out to be the case & so I can see why Philips might not be in any rush to support it.

I was partly joking. My hardware things on my desks weigh tons actually. 100 grams less per each would save tons of my precious calories otherwise could be spent to play with my daughter! :bigsmile: During the past several weeks, I had to move three 29-inch CRT monitors/TVs multiple times, sometimes with just toes and a few fingers. Where raw materials, space, energy, etc. are sparce and expensive, people tend to become more concerned about weight and size. Lighter and smaller is better. Just a little more space in downtown Seoul means literally millions which in turn means expenditure of thousands per month when I earn zero to minus. In the coming months, I will most likely discard most of what I have now and get lighter and smaller things instead. Problem’s how to do it most cost-effectively. Even 17-inch LCD monitors are too big and heavy at the moment. Small units cost about US$200, weigh 3kg or more, and use 30-watt power. Smaller things like miniSD memory, flat-panel display units, processors meant for portable computers, MD, and even small cars have been more popular in Tokyo and Seoul than in most other centers of population with 10K + income per month. Lite-On’s smaller form factor does appeal as well. Big computer cases are less popular than “Mini” cases.

But what I actually meant was that other changes or improvements or specifications didn’t seem interesting to me. On the specification pages, most drives look alike.


From my sources, Verbatim 2x DVD-R is coming locally, but I’m not interested because Verbatim / Mitsubishi 2.4x DVD+R DL that I first got nearly one year ago can be used for 6x burning already with the latest TSST, Pioneer, and Plextor drives.

When DW1640 release?

I am waiting for such a long time… :frowning:

Nothing about DVD-R DL or LightScribe speed?

Btw, I thought it would have DVD±RW = 8x? :confused:

It seems they decreased the DVD-RW speed. :frowning: :sad:

So far, not worth changing my 1620

Decreased from what point…?

DW 1620 can burn -RW at 4x max. I´m not at all surprised about 1640 specification regarding -RW media, because 1620 is’t even able to burn them at 2x. :confused:

It’s a bit early to make any judgement before we even seen 1640 in action… :wink:

I think Namoh was under the impression the 1640 was going to do 8x DVD-RW but isnt 6x the max for DVD-RW at the moment ? the current & shortly forthcoming NEC drives are 6x as are LG’s, their probably holding back 8x for another round of upgrades in the future or it is simply a media issue as it’s not up to snuff and cant do 8x yet…

Interesting - It appears this drive will NOT be capable of LightScribe - Still, A Sharpie or TDK Writer pen work wonders for my needs. My opinion is LightScribe will go over like Yamaha’s DiscT@2… Think it’s a novel idea, but not going to be mainstream practical (DiscT@2 was a dumb idea)… and with HP driving it, it’s doomed. I’m not looking to argue – some of you are likely interested… Just keep in mind Nero backed DiscT@2 also and Yamaha bet the farm on that dumb idea. They don’t make drives anymore…

Not a world of diff. in this new model. Not worth upgrading from a 1620, IMO, if it had lightscribe TOO, then its got an edge to offer.

1620pro to 1640 firmware able?

Correct. :iagree:

The NEC ND-4550A will support DVD±RW = 8x.

I hope the 1640 will be able to write DVD-RW at 8x through a firmware.
If it doesn’t write LightScribe I’ll pass, LightScribe is great and far better than DiscT@2.

What was DiscT@2 exactly?