Benq DW 1640 Playback problems

I like that suggestion too. That was #3 on an earlier post. When in doubt, strip it down to the bare essentials. Keep it simple.

Reminds me of all those Plextor 716A posts about master/slave incompatabilities.

Just like in life, anything’s possible.


Ok, I’ve caved in and RMA’d today (not sure whether it was the whole weekend wiped out trying to get it to work, or whether creating as many TY coasters as the value of the drive did it).

When I rang up and got the I guess “typical?” response of “Have you tried different discs, Sir?” I was tempted to launch into PI/PO errors, quality scores, codecs, VOBs and the like, but refrained and gave a polite "I’ve been in consultation with the CD Freaks Forums but its still not working "(OK, I did quit before you guys!), I had “oooh, right then I’ll send you an RMA No.”

I just hope the replacement is OK (Else “I’ll be back!”). I’ll post in about a week and let you know.

Thanks Again,

LOL Great line. :bow:

Way to get your CDFreak thang on!

I guess this forum has clout.

Good luck with your new drive. Let us know how you make out.

An easy way of settling the “is it the disc or is it the file format” question is to copy the files from the DVD into a folder on your hard drive and use WinDVD/PowerDVD to play it directly from the hard disc. If it seems blocky, skippy, or won’t play - it’s the encoding or format (possibly a slow computer, too). If it plays fine from the hard drive, there’s a quality issue with the burned disc.

OK Guys…I have the answer.

It was the drive!!!

You may recall I ordered a Lite On SOHW 1693S on sunday evening. It arrived this am and was slipped in to my machine this evening.

Stock f/w was KS0A.

Burned same image (st****h) and it played super in any of the DVD Players!!

CD-DVD Speed is not supported so I have posted a K Probe burn. Not bad for a 1st burn (I presume it “learns” the media like the BenQ would have done if it had worked.

Also attached a 2nd KProbe burn using same media with a different image. Note the improvement.

My replacement BenQ will probably turn up at the end of the week. I’ll let you know if the replacement works.

The Lite On SOHW 1693S works fine in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

And another (albeit smaller burn) attached.

Steven2874 - I couldn’t get it to work (see png below). I’m on 4.01. I just rechecked and noticed that CD Freaks links to CD-DVD Speed v3.0 via

Is it supported under 4.04?

Got it :doh:

v4.04 of CD-DVD Speed supports SOHW-1693S. :smiley:

Attached are the same burns for direct comparison to earlier BenQ’s.

Does anyone know why jitter is zilch? :confused:

I must admit, they are very similar (as expected) although you do get a Quality score with CD-DVD Speed.


The Lite-On drives do not report jitter. Not supported for some reason beyond my limited knowledge. In my experience, burns that earn scores of 97-99 on my BENQ 1640 usually only achieve 93-95 at best on my Lite-On 1673S > 1693S.

That is a good idea. There is a problem though: WinDVD (and probably PowerDVD) provides some innate ability to correct errors. Also, the decoding in the software players may be more robust than that found in the standalone DVD players.

Yet, yours is a viable way to determine a “true negative” - the video is bad for whatever reason other than the disc/burn itself - especially if the “original” copy used to burn the disc is still on the harddrive and shows identical errors as the disc. Additionally, if the discs play fine in a friend’s standalone DVD player then you can be reasonably assured it is not the disc.

The Nero Quality Scans looked awfully good from the BenQ. There is a confounder here, and it just might be a bad drive, but… Wonder how this more recently burned and playable disc form the brand new Lite On SOHW 1693S would Quality Scan in the RMA’ed BenQ?

Not really surprising that 2 Liteon drives can coexist on the same channel… and it doesn’t prove that the BenQ was faulty. I still think it was because of the BenQ sharing the IDE channel with that older Liteon of yours.


The reason I mentioned this is because sometimes poor encoding/transcoding during “shrinking” can also produce the “blockiness” seen when a disc is bad and the player (on a computer or set top) is having trouble reading it. If you see the blockiness when playing it from the hard drive, at least you can then rule out the media or ODD.

I saw an example of poor encoding at a friend’s place - only the parts of the screen meant to be really dark or black showed this artifacting; a bum disc would hardly be that selective!

I am in total agreement with you.

Once I had a video (avi) that would skip at the same times on different discs burned at different speeds on two different ODD’s (Plextor 716A and BenQ 1640). No matter what I did, no disc played smoothly on the Philips DVP642. But, the “master” copy on my harddrive played without incident, except for a slight pixilation seen at the top of the screen breifly when the skipping would occur on the Philips. The burned discs played well in either ODD in the computer and would show the same pixilation at the same times.

So the discs were burned correctly and accurately. Only the more robust error correction of the computer ODD’s and software was able to more fully compensate for the inherent flaws in the video file.

have sort of similiar issue - some discs that were burned with the 1640 are skipping and halting on my car’s DVD player - this never happens with discs burned on my nec3520. this is happening with TTG02 and TYG02.
have not tried all of the various combinations with QSuite to see why this is happening and not sure I will - all of this WOPC on/off, solidburn on/off and other stuff is frankly starting to get on my nerves… :Z

scans of the nec discs that are ok and the offending benq discs would help.

By the way that stuff thats getting on your nerves should have been the reason you bought a benq 1640. If you wanted a set it and forget it then you should have got a LG.

With regard to Krinnymew’s problem i think his drive was burning with way to much jitter towards the end of the burn for my liking.

ON yuden t02’s id expect sub 9% average jitter really burning at 4x normally reduces jitter on most media so it may be worth trying to see if it helps.

the scans are good - average score of 97-98 on the ty’s and 95’s on the TTG02. jitter seems normal too.
you are right - i had no idea that the 1640 would have all of these Qsuite options that require so much fine tuning - had i known would probably not have gotten it…
i will probably keep it since it is a great and quiet reader but will burn mostly on my nec3520 and get the lg at some point.

The BenQ 1640 IS a “set it and forget it” drive. Honest injun! If you use approved media, particularly high quality media like Taiyo Yuden, then you can get ~98% Quality Scans with stock settings and firmware BSLB. Just burn at the media’s rated speed, or slightly lower if need be. I typically get 98% with stock settings. I recently have been tinkering with MSCE and changing write strategies to try to tweak my already good burns. QSuite’s there to help with non-supported media or boost the quality of acceptable but lower quality media. Cool tool if you like to tweak, but, if you don’t, then “fuggiddaboudit”! All you need to do is feed your ODD good media and it should do its job.