Benq DW 1640 Playback problems

Struggling to get decent DVD playback using any of my 3 home dvd players.

done 2 burns (TY02 and Ritek G05 - see attached) with reasonable quality.

playback is blocky/broken and broken audio.

any thoughts?

If you want help, attach pictures, preferably PNG’s, and not document files. I don’t think many will be want to expose their computers to a possible infection by an unknown Word file.

You also will want to include pertinent info such as make/model/firmware of your burner (stock vs modified), any pertinent settings of the burner (ie overspeed, solidburn, WOPC, whether you set booktype to DVD-ROM, etc), software used and settings (ie speed burned), DVD players used, video/audio codecs (ie wmv, mp3, DivD, XviD, OGG, QPeL, etc) and file container (avi, rm, wmv, matroska, etc) which can be found out using an application like GSpot.

Having quality scans, like from Nero CD DVD Speed, to see the PIE/PIF error rates, Jitter and READ Transfer Rates would also help in diagnosing your problem. Last, are you sure you are using authentic Taiyo Yuden media? Nero CD DVD Speed and DVD Identifier are pretty good at sniffing out the MID code. Note well, just because the MID says TY02 does not mean that the disc is authentic, so give particulars as to media brand, place of purchase and if cost was “really good” as in “too-good-to-be-true” as compared to other places.

Looking at the FAQ or seeing how other people post on the forum would have clued you in to a lot of this and facilitated quicker help.

Hi :slight_smile:
Follow these steps.

Hi :slight_smile:
& the rest

OK - Thanks for the advice.

Sorry about the word files - I should have saved off the png’s before closing down. Redone and reattached as png’s.

Make/Model/Firmware is BenQ DW1640 (as per title) and BSLB firmware (as per Nero CD Speed attachments. Firmware is stock.

I haven’t made any specific settings such as overspeed/solidburn/wopc Should I?). Booktype is DVD-ROM by default I think.

DVD players are 2 x Alba DVD59 and 1 x Phillips DVD723

Latest Scans from CD Speed showing PIE/PIF/Jitter and Read Tx.

I’m confident that the discs are authentic TY02s (Media no on rear is TG001159) (Typically 50p each - pack of 100 for £50 from

I’ve also attached a Nero InfoTool txt dump for the other data.


@ zebadee


Your post is very clearly described, with images and step to step instructions.

Very very great!

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Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve viewed & d/l your files. There doesn’t seem anything way out of order PIE figures are high, switching WOPC off will reduce this. Reducing write speed will reduce PIF. Quality score of 93 for TY marginally low but not exceptional. 95 for Ritek is probably typical.
If you post your CDSpeed results & don’t want title of original to show. Left click file>goto options>left click>left click disc quality>untick box “show disc label”.
Other things like trying enabling Solid Burn can sometimes help. Have you left bitsetting to DVD-ROM for DVD+R?

Edit: Had phone call whilst doing this post, so you’ve answered my queries.
Yes SB can help particularly with + media in my experience. A lot of people will enable OverSpeed when taking this approach, otherwise SB can be a bit fierce & reduce write speed a little too much. Switching WOPC off again with + media can have quite an effect. The best thing is to experiment a little to find what works best for you.
You could try BEFB f/w as many folks find this works well in reducing PIE/PIF.
This f/w is primarily meant for external drives, so technically it’s a crossflash.(Quikee’s BQFlash tool is useful to this end)

Hi :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Looking at your rescans there’s some background activity, shown by the read line. This can lead to inaccurate scans, although I don’t that’s the case on this ocassion as they’re very similar to your originals. What s/w do you use?
BTW in some post that I’ve seen there’re claims that using SB has got rid of blocking or audio problems.

Edit: Removed ref: to Liteon as I realised it was a CDRW.


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile: . I started on my response whilst you were on the phone. Hope I’ve captured everything.

Did the following in QSuite:

  1. WOPC Off
  2. Enabled Solid Burn

Did a new burn on a TY with speed 4x (Using Alcohol 120%). png attached. Still got the broken audio and video (lots of little coloured boxes of corruption moving around on the screen).

However errors are significantly reduced.

Thanks for the advice re: Title :wink:
Bitsetting is DVD-ROM for DVD+R

These same disks worked wonderfully in my DVD players when my LDW 851S was prepared to write to DVD+R (no longer the case). :sad: :sad:

I’m now thinking about going back to Lite On…surely it can’t be such a poor playback with such a good quality report in CD Speed?

Hi :slight_smile:
Just wondered if you’ve changed media as well as writer, also it may be worth trying setting DVD+R to DVD+R. As your scans as far as I can tell should not be giving the problems your experiencing.
Might also be worth trying different s/w like CloneDVD2 just in case there’s something amiss on that side.

Edit posts crossed again, can see that media is the same.

If your video is converted from the Stealth XviD, it’s probably your conversion utility that’s at fault. It’s probably not a burning issue, or media issue, it’s the data you’re writing to the DVD that’s causing blockiness and other artifacts.


My LDW 851S still writes to DVD-R (but not DVD+R). If I burn the same image using the 851S using the Ritek G05 -R’s, the playback is significantly better than anything I’ve seen so far from the BenQ (but not good enough to watch).

I suspect that if I set up my PC to play image direct to the monitor, it would be perfect.

A puzzling situation since your last Quality Scan looks good. Is this correct?:

  1. you can play the disc in your standalone DVD Players when it is burned in your LDW 851S but not when the same media and same video file is burned with the BenQ?

  2. DVD-R is playable only when burned in the LDW 851S but not when burned in the BenQ?

  3. Playability in the DVD players is improved if using DVD-R (vs DVD+R) in the BenQ but is still artifacting?

  4. DVD-ROM Booktype setting is selected in QSuite for increased compatability with players? Well, now that I have looked at your two DVD players at, it seems that the Alba DVD59 prefers DVD+R discs over DVD-R, so I would try Booktype Setting at DVD+R for the TY02 DVD+R media. I did not see the Phillips DVD723 listed.

  5. No other activities are ongoing while burning? (ie downloading, playing a game, etc)

If this is NOT a video you have watched in the past, and the playback was perfect at that time, then I suspect that either the media is poor, the burner(s) are failing, or, most likely, the video file is imperfect (so that your Standalone DVD players are unable to error correct as well as your computer’s player) or the audio/video codecs are wrong for your Players. It might also be that the videos bit rate(s) are too low or it uses (un)Packed bitstreams that your player has a hard time decoding.

If this is anything other than VOB files (ie an identical copy of the movieI would suggest you download GSpot and look at the details of the video file - audio/video codecs, kbps of the video, kbps and Hz of the audio stream, and if Matroska/QPeL/OGG/AVI/WMV/etc is involved. You could just post a screen shot of the GSpot screen to make it easier. Use Paint to get rid of any file names or other data you don’t care to show before posting.

I have had video files that played poorly in my Philips DVP642 DVD player that have required me to re-encode them (mostly using VirtualDub) before they would smoothly playback. If this is a 1:1 copy of a movie DVD, maybe your rip/encode method is improper. Look at the settings of your software to see if anything has changed. Maybe you should look for different software, whether burning software or ripping/shrinking software that does a better job of encoding.


Some background prior to answering the questions:

I have 2 types of media @ the moment (TY02’s DVD+R and Ritek G05 DVD-R). The LDW 851S no longer writes to DVD+R and that is why I bought the DW 1640. So, I can burn using the LDW 851S and Ritek G05 DVD-R’s but the picture starts to break up and freeze later on. When the LDW 851S was talking to the TY02’s, then the burns were much better than the G05’s and all was OK :slight_smile: .

So I am confident of the media (obviously TY is better than Ritek), but I can’t actually use the TY02 DVD+R with the LDW 851S. I can burn G05s with both the LDW 851S and the DW 1640. CD Speed tells me that the DW 1640 gives a better quality disc, but the one burned in the Lite On is much more watchable (but not fully watchable). Typical problems experienced with the LDW 851S burns are picture freezing and jumps. DW 1640 problems are serious artifacts which makes it unwatchable from the start.

So, in summary against your questions:

  1. I can play DVD-R in standalone DVD players when burned in LDW 851S (not fully watchable - freezes and jumps). If I burn same image using DVD-R using BenQ, CD Speed says quality is good, DVD player playback has serious artifacts.
  2. Yes, but not fantastic as they are Riteks. See also 3 below.
  3. No. Playability in the DVD (somewhat subjective I must add as there are some very bad artifacts) is better with the DVD+R, but I think that is only because they are TY’s (against G05’s) rather than being +R’s.
  4. Did another burn (Alcohol 120% and same image file) using DVD+R booktype and slowed right down to 2.4x burn. png attached. Incidentially, over the last few hours I have tried earlier versions of firmware (BSGB; BSJB; BSLB and also XFlashed to BEFB - EW164B firmware as suggested by Zebedee earlier). Its currently BEFB f/w. I have pngs of these if they would help…
  5. No Downloading or playing games whilst burning (I am browsing though - predominantly here @ CD Forums trying to find a solution…!).

My analysis so far is therefore:

  1. The media is good (TY better than G05’s)
  2. The Image is probably OK. (Based upon DVD-R burns using LDW 851S which don’t have the artifacts like the DW 1640). I’ll do some GSpot-ing now to find out more…

Attached are two more png’s.

The first is a 4x write using DVD-ROM Booktype
The second is a 2.4x write using DVD+R Booktype.

The first has serious artifacts. The second doesn’t even display anything.

GSpot screen dumps of one of the .VOB source files now attached.


The first scan of the TY02 burned at 4X with Booktype setting at DVD-ROM has a quality score of 98%! That is pretty good and let’s you know that the burning process and the media are appropriate.

The second scan of TY02 burned at 2.4X with Booktype setting of DVD+R has a quality score of 92%. While not a stellar score, it is decent and should be able to be played in most players, barring an occasional stutter or skip. Of course, if a player that does not like Booktype of DVD+R then it will have problems playing the disc.

GSpot is especially beneficial when dealing with media files that are non-VOB, such as finding out the codecs used to encode a compressed video file. GSpot is virtually useless with VOB files. Still, at least know you know what audio and video codecs are installed on your harddrive.

To further pin down the problem:

  1. Exactly what is the source of the file? Is it a DVD you are ripping and then burning as a 1:1 copy? An Image file like an ISO, CUE/BIN, etc? Did you make the Image file yourself or did it come from somewhere else. Are you burning just VOB files (and the ancillary files that are part of the DVD) you downloaded off the internet? We don’t need to know the movie title.

  2. Why are you burning at 2.4X and 4X? Your BenQ 1640 should be able to burn the TY02 at 8X well. Is there something else that is causing a slowdown of the burn?

  3. What are the specs on your computers components, such as motherboard, IDE drivers, processor, RAM, harddrive? What Mode is the BenQ set to on the IDE Channel? (should be DMA 2) Is the BenQ installed on the Primary or Secondary IDE Channel? Is the BenQ set to master or slave, and if slave then what is the master? Maybe the BenQ does not like how you set it up, or it is not setup properly (DMA Mode 2) or it does not play nice with the Harddrive or LDW 851S attached to the same IDE Channel.

  4. For now, avoid doing anything else with the computer while burning a DVD. Multitasking may cause problems. Also, certain applications running in the background, like disc optimizers and antiviral scanning, may cause problems and should be disabled until your problem is solved.

  5. Do the errors in playback occur at precisely the same time(s) on all the discs? I had a video that was in VOB format that skipped/stuttered/pixilated at specific repeatable times no matter what media or burner I used. The reason was that the file was incompletely downloaded but it was enough to be played back, albeit with errors. There are some utilities that can check VOB files files for index mismatches then patch the index so that the file plays or plays better (hopefully).

  6. Have you ever been able to burn a disc with the BenQ that played on your DVD players appropriately? I’m talking about a different movie than the one you are having problems with currently.

It is curious that the exact same file burned on the same media by both the BenQ and the LDW 851S have such playback descrepancies. Have you tried playing the disc in someone else’s DVD player? If it plays OK then that would point to your 3 players having compatability issues. If the disc doesn’t play then it’s either the file itself, the BenQ itself or the burn process (software, encoding/transcoding, data flow) that’s at issue. The above questions will help narrow this down.


Thanks for taking time out to help me on this. :bow:

  1. The file I have been using is a download and is a .img file.
  2. I have been purposely burning @ 2.4x and 4x trying to get the best possible burns. When I let it overspeed yesterday, it got up to 15.9x at the end (but the quality was poor - I can post this but I don’t think it would help).
  3. Spec are: Abit KX333-R mobo/Standard MS IDE Drivers (?)/Athlon XP2500+ CPU/512MB Crucial PC2700/Samsung Spinpoint 120GB HDD. BenQ is DMA 2, Master on Secondary IDE. LDW-851S is slave on same channel.
  4. Points noted - will do.
  5. The playback is so bad that its virtually impossible to work out the picture. I’d be interested if you could provide a link to the Utilities for VOB file checking.
  6. This is a good question - Not yet. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks.

As a separate test, I’ve just backed up a genuine DVD that I own using DVD X Copy Express and have posted the png. When I put the disk in one of the Alba’s I have exactly the same playback problems - badly broken audio/video. I am quite confident now that it is the burner as I have successfully backed up such DVD’s using the LDW 851S when it worked with DVD X Copy Express.

I’m going to RMA the drive this week. I’ve already ordered another Lite On -SOWH-1693S as @ £40 its not worth the bother spending so much time trying to “fix it” (Although the technical challenge is there…!).

Looks like I had a bad one - I’m not alone either…

Many thanks to everyone who offered help - Bulletx/riggits/zebedee - You’re all stars!! :bow: :bow:

Your latest quality scan looks pretty good with low PIE and PIF. The PIF spike to 8 is probably not enough to create your issues. Since these discs are in true DVD format, having VOB files etc, I would be curious to see if they can play in someone else’s DVD player. If they can play in your friend’s player then the solution is simple: buy a new DVD player, not RMA the BenQ. I can recommend with little reservation the Philips DVP642. It can play most anything you throw in it, including DivX and XviD’s. It’s inexpensive and versatile. It has it’s peculiarities (see and click on DVD Players and do a search for the drive) but these usually rare and can be surmounted with re-encoding.

Your computer specs look fine for burning DVD’s. One thing may help is to defragment your drive(s) and make sure you have twice the amount of free space of the file(s) being burned for the cache drive/folder utilized by the software in the burning process. Anything that impedes the flow of data could cause your symptoms. Another thing to look at is what the % of buffer drops down to while burning. Even with built in buffer underrun correction, a buffer that drops too low could screwup your burn.

Although you have not had any DVD’s burned in the BenQ work with you standalone DVD players, you sampling seems low (just 2 different videos tried and one you Overspeed which resulted in a poor disc). Why not try either burning a different file you have downloaded, try ripping another movie and burning at 4X or 8X to ensure a low error burn, or, copy a disc that works on your players using the TY02 and burn at 8X or 4X. I would try option #3 because you already know the old burned disc works: All you are doing is copying/burning them onto a new disc. You may need to try both DVD+R and DVD-R Booktype settings to see which works best if you are not sure already. Another idea is to purchase or “borrow” from a friend some other brand of media that you know has worked in your Players before and is on the media compatability list from BenQ. Maybe all you need is some “fresh” media.

I like to burn my TY02 media at 8X in the BenQ. It seems to give the best compromise of speed and error rates. Overspeeding shaves seconds off the burn time but can lead to compatability issues and hasten the eventual degradation of the disc over time. Although I usually burn at the discs rated speed, or slightly lower, there is one time I will burn at a much slower speed: The DVD player has difficulty with discs burned at speed greater than 4X or even 2.4X. My uncle has an older player and the DVD’s I burn for him either have to be burned at 4X or need a different MID media altogether. (I used Verbatim 16X DVD+R Booktype set to DVD-ROM burned at 8X. One disc played, the other didn’t. I reburned a disc at 4X and it worked.) This is a known issue that affects mostly older or poorly compatable players.

You cannot completely rule out that the video file(s) are corrupt or incomplete in some fashion. It could be that your LDW-851S is better at error correction than the BenQ. It certainly is true that computer DVD players are better at error correcting than standalone DVD players for the most part and barring ultra-expensive models. Some links to applications that can check VOB’s and their Indexes for errors are and may help. I have not used either (yet!) but the VOBBlanker looks very useful for a variety of reasons, including Index fixing, removing unwanted features and it’s free. There are others most likely if you google.

One other thing to try after trying all the above is to install a different burning software. You may need to completely delete any and all other burning software to prevent conflicts. In fact, it probably is a good idea that if you reach this stage (of frustration!), to only have one burning software installed until you get things working properly again so as to remove the possibility of software conflict confusing the situation.

Hang in there. Don’t give up yet. The BenQ looks like it’s doing it job.

One more thing to try:

Install the latest audio/video codecs.

Usually it’s best to uninstall the old codecs before installing the new codecs.

A nice compilation of free codecs that I have been using with good success for a while are the “K-Lyte Codecs” available from and other places too. There is a text file included with the packs that explain what all the codecs are and you can choose just the one’s you want installed. The whole thing is well thought out and user friendly, even for uninstalls. There are 3 versions of the pack, each adding more stuff than the other. Choose the codec pack you think is best. If you are unsure use the “Standard” pack to cover your bases. After install (and reboot) look at all the codecs now listed in GSpot!

I don’t know if this will help, but it won’t hurt. Usually! :wink:

I don’t think codecs will help his set top players… first thing I’d do would be to remove the liteon and let the BenQ be master by itself. There’s been several reports of compatibility problems between the 2 brands on the same channel.