Benq DW 1640 is not working with external enclosure!



Hi everyone,

I know that this subject has been discussed before but I couldn’t figure out what to do in my case, so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it because I feel lost :frowning:

I’ve bought an external enclosure which is not branded and I couldn’t find any serial number on it or anything, my windows XP is recognizing it as USB Mass Storage device. My Benq 1640 is not recognized, I tried another writers, Hard Disks, CD-Roms and they all have been recognized easily. I tried to put it on another external enclosure, but still it won’t be recognized.

If anyone could tell me how to know the brand of my external enclosure and based on this how to solve my problem.

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Take a look at the controller chips on the external enclosure does one of them say PL-3507 ?

If so go get the romwriter software and the latest firmware and you can update it, after that turn off/on the enclosure again and see if the 1640 is properly detected.

You might also want to try the BEFB firmware for the 164B which is the external version of the 1640.