BenQ DW 1640 Firmware u/g problem

Had a look around on the forums and couldn’t find anything on this, so I thought I’d start a new thread.

Just got a new DW 1640 today with BSGB f/w. Downloaded BLSB but it refused to flash. Tried BSHB/BSJB and BSKB - same problems.

Official Flasher Response has a few lines that start “Update incomplete or interrupted!. Please retry after rebooting your computer…”

Any thoughts?

Drive is OEM.

Welcome :slight_smile:
Post the text output of Nero Infotool as text file attachment using the Manage Attatchments button so we can have a look at your config.

Herewith output of Nero Info Tool (screen dumps).

Re-read your response and I think I have now followed your instructions! (text version added as requested!)

Nero Info BenQ DW1640 (80.7 KB)

Nero Info BenQ DW1640 (61.3 KB)

Nero Info BenQ DW1640 (36.2 KB)

You can try to put the 1640 on the Primary Slave just to see if it will flash properly. Some VIA chipsets dont operate well with Optical drives on the secondary channel. Just not sure which VIA chipsets are involved. If it flashes OK, reinstall on the secondary channel. Also your ASPI layer is an older version. You can do a forum search for Force ASPI and either kill the ASPI or install a newer version. You could also try swapping the IDE cables. Just suggestions.:wink:

I bet on the old ASPI layer :). Just remove it

Try removing the TEAC too just to rule out any compatibility issues. But definately get rid of the aspi. You can try flashing it from safe mode too…


I sorted it - thanks guys :bow: :bow:

I had another look around the forums and came across this:

In there it talked about resetting the BIOS (as I had just whipped out a LDW 851S which was playing up - that’s another story for the Lite On forum) which I did, and to try flashing from Safe Mode.

1st attempt from safe mode didn’t work, but 2nd attempt did.

I’ll post some TY and Ritek burns in the next few days.

Who needs Manufacturer Tech Support when you’ve got CD Freaks!!

p.s. Why doesn’t the date and serial number show up under Nero Info Tool?

Should I still remove the old aspi anyway (how?)

If ala42 says lose the ASPI I would.:bigsmile: Like I said in the earlier post do a Forum search for Force ASPI or Kill ASPI. The folder has utilities to kill your ASPI Layer or kill and reinstall a newer version if so desired.:wink:

Attached TY002 and Ritek G05 burns.

ASPI replaced as suggested.

Not bad eh?