Benq DW 1640 drive offset question

i just bought and installed the drive, upgraded to BSLB firmware.
using EAC, i did a .wav compare using Dick’s CDR Page. i came up with an offset of +684. however, AccurateRip lists the drive offset as +618, 15 people have confirmed that number @accuraterip.

when i put the drive offset in EAC to +618 and do a .wav compare, i get … you guessed it, 66 missing samples --> the difference between 684 and 618.

is there are reason why my drive offset is different from what accuraterip shows??? :doh:

Newbie = ME :iagree: … i just did a little more searching of threads on the forum and found an excellent discussion explaining things HERE.

in the future, i’ll use the search function a little more so i find the right place to post … move along now … nothing to see here … :cop:

this is the second post after Wytron Duplicator (please read my responst to that) that is beyond my ken. Likewise the Benq DW 1640 drive offset question