BenQ DW-1640 disc scanning question

I am looking for some input on the following scans. I have an older (c. 2005) BenQ DW-1640 that I am using for disc quality scans. Here are typical Nero DiscSpeed 5 scans recently for Verbatim MCC 03RG20 disks which generally have been rather good.

Basic Disc Quality

Advanced Disc Quality

But then the TRT goes to all hell. (And it does so on about 50% of burns, lately.)

Here’s the same disc TRT in a Lite-On iHAS-220. I know this is kind of comparing apples and oranges, but just adding it anyway.

Is this just a problem with laser tracking or something with the BenQ DW-1640? That is, should I put more credence into the Basic and Advanced Disc Quality scans and less in the TRT?

And, is there a better scanning-only firmware for the DW-1640 that might eliminate these issues?

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That BenQ burst rate is kind of slow. Is the drive in an enclosure? If so, are you using USB2 or Firewire? If it’s internal, are you using an 80-wire IDE cable? Is this a SATA machine it’s installed in? If so, is the IDE port on the motherboard or an add-in card?