Benq DW 1625 doesn't recognize disc

We have a Benq DW 1625. I know it was working. Now when we put in a CD or DVD it doesn’t see it. When I go to properties it tells me it has no free space. I know I have had this happen before on a different one. I thought I fixed it some how. Is it broke?

Go into Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager, then check out your Primary and Secondary IDE devices. Check to see if they are all in UDMA# modes. If you Optical drives are in PIO mode, uninstall the primary and/or secondary ide’s, and then reboot.

Sorry to be stupid. But can you help me with more info. Primary is in DMA Secondary is in PIO. I did an uninstall of one but it didn’t change. When I rebooted it did reinstall the Benq. But still not working.

Thanks for your help.

uninstall both the primary and the secondary ide’s by right clicking and selecting uninstall. Then reboot. After rebooting, windows should correct the problem.

Ok I did that and it didn’t work on device 1 its DMA on device 0 is DMA That is Primary on secondary Device 0 is DMA and Device 1 is PIO

Pls check to see that the drives are set correctly to master/slave. Preferable cable select.

Also you might want to flash whit the newest frmware from Benq.

Did that first. I have exhausted the things I know. Uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Took it out and started over. Even questioned Benq but have not got a response yet. Is it possible the laser is bad? It is a new burner.

How long has this drive been installed?
Did it work for awhile ok?
Have you installed or uninstalled any software just prior to the problem occurring?
Do you have a 40 wire ide cable, or an 80 wire ide cable? If you don’t know, just google, and you can find a picture which will show you how to tell the difference. Some of the new drives don’t like to work without having an 80wire ide cable. Some drives have problems unless they are in the master position on an ide.

Please elaborate.

When I go to properties it tells me it has no free space.
This is a normal windows behaviour.

Please also post the log from Nero InfoTool so we can take a look at your system.

Primary IDE
Master WDC WD 400BB
DMA on
Autorun on

Slave Samsung CD RW/DVD
DMA on
Autorun on

Secondary IDE
Master Benq DVD DD DW1625
DMA on
Autorun on
Slave IOMEGA Zip 100
VIA serial ATA RAid Controller

Is this enough info or did you want something else. I know enough to be dangerous and am not afraid to mess up on my own, but usually can figure it out.

It was on an 80 and wasn’t working that was one of the first things I changed. Maybe I should go back to the 80 and try the uninstall thing again.

Thanks for your fast replys my husband appreciates it.

Ok here is the info asked for earlier was not sure how to post.
We still have not gotten this problem figured out. If I take it out and throw it at the wall will that help? :disagree:

Still need answers to some questions.
Has this drive ever worked in this PC?
What has changed since the last time it worked?

You know we aren’t sure. Husband bought it. We installed it. But I really don’t know. We did buy a new burner today. Installed and it works. So I am guessing it was bad. Now I will contact Benq wish me luck.