BenQ DW-1620 On the way - Any tips?



Hey guys,
I just ordered my new 1620 from MD :D. Have you guys got any tips/tricks that might be usefull? Also is it worth flashing my new drive with a hacked f/w?


  • Flash with B7V9 with MCSE speedhack to get 16x read
  • use good media :slight_smile:

to get MCSE (MediaCodeSpeedEdit) read the sticky thread.


Hmmm im not sure if il flash it just for 16x reading. My lite-on drive is patched and rips @ about 10/12X, thats fine for me. Also are “TDK 8x DVD+R” (Media code: TDK 002) classed as good media?






I’d get some Taiyo Yudens and forget about anything else. Benq’s love these and you won’t get a better consistent quality burn from anything else. Once you’ve tried these, you won’t waste time and money on other inferior media.


MCC003 and MCC004 are also very good on BenQ… but not so consistent as TY. BenQ loves TYG02 above all other disc even at 16x. =)


Yes TDK 8x variants (TDK002, TTG02, TTH01, etc) are considered a good media. However the drawback is, it cant burn at 16x. For daily use I stick with TYs (Yuden T02 8x DVD+R) which gives me good result @16x.


mm i think you better give that burner a own power line from PSU so won’t have any weir behaviour …and also using 80pin IDE cable …and speed patch it using MCSE to rip at 16x…also using MCC or TY…even RicohjpnR02/01 is all good …

Ilove Ricoh Lol


Looking att VirusHack´s avatar it seems he is not feeding his “box” with any good media… :bigsmile: /joke

TDK media CAN vary in quality. I never managed to burn anything else then coasters with my TTG02 media when on firmware B7U9. :a


Unfortunately I can :stuck_out_tongue:


right from the horses mouth:

Over Speed Writing
Storage > FAQ DVD±R/RW > DW1600 Series >

Scope This document is intended to discuss the possibility of over speed writing of BenQ DVDRW 1600 series.

Introduction As a leader in the DVD technology arena, BenQ is
committed to delivering a BenQ DW1600 DVD Re-Writer, which is designed for customers in search of fastest possible DVD recording speed. Apart from the “Write Right Technologies”, an over-speed writing is tested and released as a reference of user , when there is not enough 16x DVD+R media available, and there is possibility that user will test as well. Under certain conditions, a reference test has been conducted to see the performance of 16x/12x writing speed with 8x DVD+R
media on BenQ DVD writers.

Over-Speed Writing
Testing Methodology
In order to show the real writing speed for each media, CD-DVD Speed will be used for such testing. The PI, PO & Jitter values of each burnt media will also be measured by it after real writing. It aims to show the writing quality under 12x or 16x writing speed. There are 10 brands of DVD+R media (see list below) will be tested, and which are recommended to write as 12x or 16x speed by BenQ DW1600 DVD Re-Writer.

General Information
The test platforms is listed below as Fig 1
Operation System Windows XP Professional
CPU Level Intel Celeron 2.40GHz
Drive Inquiry String BENQ DVD DL DW1600
Firmware B5C9
CD-DVD Speed v3.03
Fig 1 - Testing platform of Over Writing

Media Test List
The test media is listed below as Fig 2
No. DVD+R Media Brand ID Claim Speed Possible Speed by BenQ DW1600 - B5C9*
1 Philips C16 16x 16x
2 SONY D11 8x 16x
3 TAIYO YUDEN T02 8x 16x
4 LeadData S03 8x 16x
5 TDK 002 8x 16x
6 Philips C08 8x 12x
7 Maxell R02 8x 12x
8 BeAll P80 8x 12x
9 Plasmon C01 8x 12x
10 RicohJPN R02 8x 12x
Fig 2 - Media test and recommended list for Over Speed Writing.

  • This table is based on f / w B5C9,
  • Good disc quality is recommended to test with better performance. Worse disc quality may result in un-predictable problem (e.g disc broken or unreadable disc) which BenQ will not be responsible for.

Testing Result
See in Fig-3. According to the test results below shown Fig 3, it takes approximately 6 minutes to write a 4.3GB data into a DVD+R disc with 16x writing speed as expected. The total writing time is within 7 minutes with 12x writing speed. Furthermore, the measurement results by CD-DVD Speed v3.03 indicated that the writing quality (PI, PO & Jitter) is good of each burnt disc when written at 12x or 16x speed.
No. DVD+R Media Brand Writing Speed Writing Time Quality Score PI PO Jitter Value
1 Philips (C16) 16x 16x 6:04 100 1.04 0 8.62 wow 100 qual
2 SONY (D11) 8x 16x 6:06 95 9.70 0 10.57 i use these qual 95-98
3 TAIYO YUDEN (T02) 8x 16x 6:05 91 4.60 0 8.96 what happened 91qual
4 LeadData (S03) 8x 16x 6:17 97 7.19 0 10.71
5 TDK (002) 8x 16x 6:05 98 2.34 0 9.69 great qual 98
6 Philips (C08) 8x 12x 6:37 98 1.51 0 8.68
7 Maxell (R02) 8x 12x 6:39 99 1.46 0 8.29
8 BeAll (P80) 8x 12x 6:43 96 6.52 0 10.48
9 Plasmon (C01) 8x 12x 6:52 97 5.90 0 10.34
10 RicohJPN (R02) 8x 12x 6:41 97 1.54 0 9.18
Fig 3 - Test result of the over speed writing on DW1600

The major concerns of the over speed writing is the quality. It is the major target to achieving both performance and quality.

The test result shows the possibility of over speed writing with BenQ DVD writers DW1600. Under certain conditions - Good platforms, good media quality-writing at higher speed is possible. Once quality of the media is not stable, it may result in un-predictable problem , such as fail writing, worse quality or in worst case, disc broken, since the 8x media is not designed for usage of high speed.

The test is a reference for user who intend to test the devices. BenQ do not encourage the usage of over speed writing in normal situation. More 8x DVD+R media will be tested for over-speed writing for a better reference.

Renee Rochall
Technical Support
Customer Service
BenQ America Corp.

Main (949) 255-9500
Direct (949) 255-9569
Fax (949) 623-0880
53 Discovery
Irvine, CA 92618, USA
ps they told me today that benQ loves fuji dvd-r by the way i use sony dvd-r


Hehe thax guys:

@pinto2 Haha na thats no my pc… I dont think!

@z24 Yup im gonner do both, in fact I have orderd a new 80 pin rounded cable aswell as the drive. Also Im sure my PSU has a spare power line. Im not bother about flashing it for 16x reading, my litty is good for that. Its patched - Riplock removed.

So guys where do I get this ‘Magic’ TY media from then? Any good online shops (UK)?



SVP take some beating. Excellent after sales service and good prices. Also special deals on postage at some weekends. Usually 99p.


Ok guys the drive came today. Installed it when fine and did my first burn. Data disk burnt @ 8X. Looks good to me:

What do you guys think?



That looks good. (What’s not good about 99 QS anyway? :P) However, I’ll do a full burn just to be sure.


What do we think?? you must be kidding, with QS 99% and PIE less than 280 and a straight jitter below 12%, it’s excellent! Now you must be happy to have another excellent backup of WinXP. :stuck_out_tongue:


Im sorry but zevia u mentioned a value of PIE less than 280. But in the screen shot the PIEs are way much higher than 280. Why so ?


He probably meant PIF. If you get total PIE < 280 on a 2/3 burn, then congratulate yourself and contact Guinness immediately.


I meant max PIE should be less than 280.
Here’s something to read.


Haha well I have no idea how to tell if these scans are good or not. But yeah this is good :slight_smile: Il do a full movie back-up soon and post a screen shot.