BenQ DW 1620 and DVD-R's :(

Hi all

I own a benq dw1620 dvd drive for some time now and it really is good at reading and burning, except for 1 problem i keep havin:
When burning a movie dvd onto a DVD-R type media, although it will burn correctly, i’m only able to read the burnt DVD in this drive. All other drives and DVD players refuse to read it (my dvd player just spits it out ).
I’ve managed to avoid this problem by burning only DVD+R’s, but i would like to solve this problem( i like to have things working 100%).
Also, i’ve tried different DVD-R brands (mmore, verbatin, universal…) AND i’ve flashed (the 1st time i noticed this problem) from B7C9 (came originally) to B7K9.
I’ve also tried different burning progs: Nero (, DVDShrink and CopyToDvD.

I’m using a AMD 2600+ on a ABIT NF7 2.0 nForce 400.
Primary Master: Seagate 80Gb 7200rpm
Primary Slave: Seagate 120Gb 7200rpm
Secondary Master: Asus CD S500/A
Secondary Slave: BENQ DVD DW 1620

Is anyone having the same problem or know how to help me?

BTW, congrats u on the site

Check your dvd players at if they will read DVD-Rs.

B7K9 is old, try newer firmware B7V9.

Thanx for replying :slight_smile:
I will update the firmware, but i know the problem isn’t the DVD player because i can read DVD-R’s recorded elsewhere just fine…
I’ll post again after trying to burn with latest firmware

Thanx zevia! :bow:
I updated firmware to b7v9 as u sugested and i can now burn DVD-R and my dvd player will read it, no complaints :slight_smile:

Maybe they changed writing strategy or sometinhg…
no matter, it works! Thanx again