BENQ DW 1610 DVD/CQ question




I recently bought a BENQ 1610 DVDRW. So far, it seems to burn and read just fine. But I have one tiny question which I’m hoping you folks may be able to answer. Is it normal for any media inserted in the drive to be spinning non-stop even when the media is not being played or accessed in any way? I was watching a DVD earlier, then I stopped, closed the player and left the DVD in the drive. Later, I noticed the DVD in the burner was still spinning. I tend to leave my CD or DVD in the drive all the time and am not very comfy with the drive doing this. So is this normal or just this BENQ drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, cdfreaks. :slight_smile:


No that is not normal. Are you sure it was spinning? BenQ drives usually keep the front panel light on even though the drive is not in use. If that is not the case, I would contact the retailer or BenQ for a replacement.


That’s what I figured. thanks for the help, Zaz. :slight_smile: