Benq DW 1610 B8P9

first I have to say, that DVD burning is totally new to me so if my question is stupid please don’t blame me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a Benq DW 1610 and after reading this article (ok, looking at the pictures)

I’m highly interested in that firmware (B8P9). I’ve searched several forums and googled for it but I wasn’t able to get my hands on it, so i’m not sure whether I’m just too stupid to find it or whether it is still under development.


Official benq site:

For the 1610? I’m only able to find there B8M9, B8L9 and B8K9 - but no B8P9.

I bought two new 1610s yesterday and upgraded their firmware from B8B9 to B8M9. I checked the reasons for each release since K9 and there doesn’t appear to be a reason for either a P9 or S9 release.

M9 and previous releases optimizes media (with a few exceptions) and enabled features lockstep in 1610s and 1620s. P9 enables faster dual-layer writing which doesn’t concern us. S9 appears to be a region-specific release and some have reported problems with it.

T9 however promises three improvements two of which apply to us, better media writing being among them so I’m hoping to see BenQ release a version of it for us in the form of a B8T9. I found a firmware site that was offering a test version of a B8T9 (modified from a B7T9 or provided courtesy of BenQ I don’t know) but it lacks a flasher and I think I’ll wait a while for an official version.

Oh, in consideration of the pictures I thought it would enable DL writing :frowning:

Anyway, thanks for your answer

Where was B8T9 unofficial located? I’ll bet I could find a flasher for it.
Although, while T9 did not improve writing from M9 except for a few medias, if you have Daxon AZ2 or CMC E01 there some remarkable improvements. But, you could just purchase media that the 1610@M9 likes, and it’s not difficult at all. :wink:

I also have the same 1610 model; and after having a string of defective burned DVDs I upgraded the FW to B8M9; so far it seems it has improved (one new success recently out of one try); hope will continue with successes. (see my post this forum).

My apologies. It was a B8S9 firmware without the flasher.

Regarding the T9’s writing improvements, I would have liked to see some attention applied to the MXL RG03. I’m not sure how seriously to take the results from BenQ’s QScan software but under M9, Maxell RG02s perform flawlessly at 4X and Fuji TYG02s can almost always be burned at 12X (weakness is focus errors near the end). Maxell RG03s however can’t even pass the test as their rated speed of 8X (weakness is tracking errors here and there).