BENQ DVDRW 1620 Problems

I just installed this burner and now my system will not boot. The only way I can get my machine to run is to take the burner out. How can I identify this conflict and resolve it?

Have you verified the master/slave jumper is set correctly?
Make sure the IDE cable is not plugged in backwards.

Do you have the jumper on the back of the drive set properly? I think most of these come set as slave from the factory. If you have it set to master or no jumper and you all ready have a HD or other optical it probably isn’t going to work becuase now you have 2 master drives and they both can’t be on the same port. You might want to try it on the cable by itself set as master and see if it will boot then, it should.
Could also be a bad cable or drive even but I’d bet on the jumper being set wrong. You didn’t say anything about what else is on the cable your using, how it’s jumpered, or anything about your setup so it’s hard to say.

I have tried it alone as master with the jumper set as master. I have tried it with cable select. I’ve tried it as slave… The goal is to have it running with my DVD Rom on the same cable. I don’t know what else to try… The IDE cable works fine because the the LG rom was working fine before.

OK try the drive in another machine that is working properly and see if it works in the new box. You may have a IDE driver problem or another driver causing a problem if your sure the cable and jumpers should have worked. If it works in the other machine it’s either driver or cable type problems, other wise maybe the drive is bad.

If it is a driver problem how would I fix that? Should I roll back my IDE controller drivers?

Some of the IDE drivers cuase problems so you can try that, if it doesn’t help go back where you started. ASPI can sometimes cuase problems too, but I don’t know about it cuasing the problem you have now. I really would try it in another known good computer to make sure it’s not the drive before you start mucking up drivers

AWESOME… Thank you soo much for leading me down the road of IDE drivers. I was totally unaware that an IDE driver problem could cause such a failure. I rolled the driver back and the machine and burner work fine. Well I have yet to burn any discs yet but it plays cds fine.

PS what is ASPI

PSS I am new to this forum and I apologize for posting this thread in an inappropriate category.

We all were new at this at one point. The only way you can learn is ask questions, that’s one of the reasons this forum is here. We’re glad it worked out for you, hang around here and you’ll learn more and soon you’ll be helping folks too and figuring out what your next toys might be :slight_smile: ASPI is a SCSI driver for optical drives that some programs need to work properly, even though they might be IDE drives. It has commands and things for typical drives I believe that help the programs and drives work together. As for now don’t worry about that unless you get another program that doesn’t want to work for you, Exact Audio Copy (EAC) uses it I believe. Some OS’s dont install one automaticly.