BenQ DVD8881?

I just got a Dell Optiplex 745 and it came with this SATA drive.

Here are some more details:

Dell DVD8881

Anyone know what this drive is the equivalent of?

Maybe it’s a SATA version of an 8801 (Benq 1650)? Just a wild guess.

I want to cross-flash to something more mainstream it’s not very good burning @ anything over 8x

A SATA version of the DVD8900 has been reported as well. Don’t think you can crossflash as BenQ never had SATA versions of these drives (DW1650 & 1670).

@[I] iatacs19, [/I]can you post a picture of drives front, or tell us the position of drives emergency eject hole and drives led (light).
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yes a pic would be nice :wink:

i will post when I get home. :smiley:

it says Philips on it. So it might not be a BenQ since BenQ doesn’t make the drive anymore. Philip outsources to a different company. Any SATA drives out there that doesn’t have DVD-RAM write support??

At the moment they sell rebadged Liteon and Samsung drives.

Any SATA drives out there that doesn’t have DVD-RAM write support??
Samsung SHW-163A (There is also a special Dell-Version of that drive), but the specs don’t fit.

Also, there is no problem to disable DVD-RAM capabilities by firmware.


AFAICS Dell specifies [B]PBDS[/B]; Philips Benq Digital Storage as manufacturer… :slight_smile:


Philips & BenQ Digital Storage Corporation

Hmm… looks very much like BenQ’s DCS is used with that drive.
The front bezel looks like BenQ/Philips as well.


Sure looks like BenQ drive to me. Thanks for the pics.

So if you kill it with flashing no problem?

Some Liteons now use the DCS design as well, so it’s still possible that it’s just a Liteon in Benq clothing. :frowning: What’s the manufacturing date?

Yes, I am willing to take the chance, but I want it to be an educated guess not shooting in the dark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Open the drive and post a photo of the PCB :slight_smile:

Hopefully it is an good olde Benq that carries Nexperia chip (since no DVD-RAM) and slapped with PATA to SATA converter inside. :slight_smile:

How does it perform under Nero CD-DVD Speed and KProbe ?

Is there any particular reason for you guys to doubt this is a DW1650/DVD8801 SATA? The model no. is close enough and I don’t think Philips would design any new 16X drives?