BenQ dvd writer problem

I just bought a BenQ dvd writer 1640 and hav run into some strange problem…

The Nero suite that came along with the drive didn’t give me the option to burn a dvd at all, although my win2000 computer can read the drive and dvds can be accessed…so why did Nero not allow me to burn dvds? any ideas will be much appreciated! ( i couldn’t identify the drive with Nero either)

thanks a million… :sad:

Is the drive recognized in bios and windows, and do you get some error message in
Nero? Do you had a look in the device manager? Also i’d upgrade to the latest

ooh, well there was no error msg in Nero at all, it just totally ignored the fact that a dvd writer existed haha…as for device manager it says the drive is working normally…
yup i shall uninstall and reinstall Nero again tonite…thanks very much! =D

Like i said try the latest version, if the reinstall doesn’t help, just let us know, sometimes
it could be a driver problem. :wink:

the reinstall did work! lol thanks a million for the helpful tips ^u^

happily burning again


Another happy customer - thanks folks-