BenQ DVD Writer Are Vanishing

Got a pic of that vent? How can I distinguish a LiteOn?

Yes that would be nice to know the drive works flawlessly, a year ago I bought one of these Scientific Atlanta Cable box from some one in eBay but never been able to get it to work because you need activation from cable company that they won’t activate these boxes since they consider them illegal.

It would be nice if I burn a few thousand burns then put on Ebay :slight_smile:

ebay is all about paying attention to feedback choosing good sellers with warranties and a dash of luck :wink:

I can’t really rely on these sellers @ebay having sell brand new unit.

Still some other OEM like HI-VAL, Compusa brand and I/O Magic can to be found that are repackaged of BenQ 1640, 1650 and 1655.

What about Philips 1660/1668 series?
They are still available here in Germany (Benq drives, too), but some shops are beginning to get rid of them…


^Plenty of 1650s here in Bombay. Rs.1700 each or about 40$US for the box pack.

Both the 1650 & 1655 are back at Newegg.

I read quite a few reviews about short lifespan. Reminds me of the older 1620s. Hope my three Sony 810A-R are not in the same league.

There is no BenQ 1650 in your link only 1655 and DQ60 which is the last one is not even BenQ drive according to many comments from forum members.

now the 1655 is “out of stock”.

May be these Philips drives are repackages of BenQ drive therefore still are alternatives to BenQ shortages.

at least the external one is a Liteon.


If the external one is Lite-On it is not bad for $59.99.

Hm, I am not sure. Philips used the 1635S for their external drive. And this is slightly outdated.

Doing some math: (Seems to be a rebaged Liteon SHM-165P8S): US$ 31,99 (Just chose a cheap case): US$ 22,99
(This combo will even perform better than that Philips thing)


You might be right reading the external drive specs look like the drive is Lite-On rather tahn BenQ one.

argh, I should have gotten my drive earlier–just started looking around for the benq 1655 today

Look in to I/O Magic drive from Staples or Compusa brandor and Philips you might find BenQ 1655 been repackaged by one or more of these brand.

Also look in to these two drives for repackage of BenQ 1655.