Benq DVD-Rs

Has anyone tried these discs? Because I’ve been thinking about buying them. They seem to be relatively cheap.

According to the documentation that came with my Benq 1650 burner (below), the Media ID is supposed to be SONY08D1.

I’ve also heard that Daxon sometimes produce Benq DVD media (as the pdf above suggests for 16x Benq media).

If the 8x discs truly are Sony, then aren’t they worth going for? I mean I’ve never had any problems with Sony 8x DVD-Rs before.

Yeah,those are the SONY Benqs

And these are the Benq Benqus (8x looks the same)

I have those BENQ Benqs ( :slight_smile: ) myself identified as

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R DAXON008S]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
Manufacturer Name : [Daxon Technology Inc.]
Manufacturer ID : [DAXON008S]

The Benq SONYs are identified as SONY Corp. with matching SONY MID code.
The codes on the spine and hub are totally different on both.
I don’t know how they differ in quality,but I had no problems with Taiwanese
SONYs whatsoever (though You can read here that they are crap,but what’s not)

I’m thinking this probalby has to do with the fact that Daxon is a BenQ company :stuck_out_tongue: I can only think of one instance in which BenQ branded media has been something other than Daxon/Sony… and that’s when the had to supplement their own 8X DVD-R with Prodisc made FUJIFILM03 to meet demand.

I had no problems with their 8x rated ones so far. They came with an extra -RW or +RW too.

I’ve ordered a couple of the 8x Benq DVD-Rs I linked in my initial post. have confirmed that I won’t get them until at least 5th July. :sad:

But if they do indeed use a Sony dye (SONY08D1), then I suppose they’re well worth waiting for. :smiley:

I’d prefer a Daxon dye over Sony personally.

Well, I’ve never tried Daxon dye DVD-Rs so I can’t really comment on them. But the Sonys however have never given me any problems whatsoever. And that includes older DVD players and game consoles.

I’m not too sure if the Daxons would offer the same compatibility as the Sonys.

I wonder whether you’re talking about dye or model (MID = model). As mentioned earlier by other users, even the polycarbonate can be different…
Sony MITs seem to have worse stability properties than MIJ ones, but not sure about MIA.

My dodgy SONY D11 was possibly MIA, if you recall :wink:

Yes, but we’re not so sure about whether it is one or two bad batches or a buggy Austrian “recipe” :slight_smile:

So is mine

That’s a very good point, hadn’t considered the “bad batch” theory :wink:

Edit: It’s still up for debate, though, looking at chancooluk’s sneaky post before mine :bigsmile:

Where are these made ? If it’s Malaysia (like mine were), then it seems they aren’t of best quality (and not even next best quality :)).

PS I read that (Japan set aside) the best Sonys come from Luxembourg; I doubt Benq buys them, though…

Daxon media is made in Taiwan or Malaysia… and I suspect most Sony-coded discs come from Taiwan.

And Sony doesn’t manufacture media in Luxembourg. Any MIL Sony branded discs are most likely from TDK’s now closed Luxembourg facility.

I’ve seen MII Sony DVD media too. :frowning:
So we have MIT/MIM (Daxon), MIJ (Sony), MIA (Sony), MII (Moser Baer), MIL (TDK)…
Wonder whether Lead Data still makes Sony discs though, I also heard of MIHK Sony discs (but CD) some time ago.

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Easier said than done. Why don’t you stop abducting the thread instead?! :wink:

Well, I’m assuming that these Benq DVD-Rs are the same as the Sonys (model and dye).

The Sonys that I’ve used before are the Taiwan ones so again, I’m guessing that the Benq ones are also Made in Taiwan (due to them sharing the same media code).

I’m not sure what you mean by saying that the Made in Taiwan Sonys have the “worse stability properties than the Made in Japan ones”. I’ve never had [I]any[/I] problems with Sony blank DVD-Rs which were Made in Taiwan. But then again, I’ve never tried the Made in Japan Sonys because they seem to be [I]very[/I] hard to find.

There is accelerated aging and some real world data to suggest Sony media is not too stable…

One more thing… DAXON008[B]S[/B] actually uses a Sony dye, just FYI :wink:

Are You referring to the C’ test? People use that here to slam SONY while forgetting to add
that Taiyo Yuden media also received the honorary “worst stability” result. :confused:

Well, i still consider users here much more reliable than that magazine. Real life test and real time tests suggests that that magazine didn’t do their work in a useful way for us home users :wink: