Benq dvd rom to match 1655V dvdrw

I ant to buy the benq 1655 dvd writer.

I understand the 1650 dvd rom is the most up to date dvd rom and was thinking it would be good to have with 1655.

I can’t find one for sale. I’ve googled everywhere but can’t find one for sale.

Has the 1650 dvd rom been discontinued? If so what would be teh most recent benq dvd rom.

I’ve checked the benq website and it appears the 1650v is till in production.

I’m in England

did you actully google [B]BenQ 1650 [/B] ?

look here i got a beige one and it’s a 1650 but flashed with philips firmware, easily crossflashed|countryGB&sa=X&oi=froogle&ct=title

just a few

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The 1650 is not a DVD Rom drive. It is a DVD writer. It’s the same basic drive as the 1655 but without lightscribe.

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Go here.
Ecellent support, their tech guys (or one of them at least) checks out this very forum.


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If that’s the case what’s this?

BenQ 1650V
Quote from bazzzzs’ post " I’ve checked the benq website and it appears the [U]1650v[/U] is till in production."

ooops, silly me, thought he was meaning the 1650 dvd/rw :o i’d better get some glasses

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You’re not alone. Better goto specsavers (2 for 1). Then you can send the spare pair to wobble. :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Thanks for the update zebadee. I had no idea there was 2 different Benq 1650s. I got specs but they must need replacing! :o :o :bigsmile:
Talk about feeling stupid! :doh:


Thanks people.

The problem appears to be availability: no one appears to have the 1650V dvd rom in stock. No-one! There must be stock problems. I thought for a moment it might have been discontinued but that can’t be right. I’m building a pC and thought, after much research, a Benq 1655 dvd writer together with a 1650V dvd rom would be an excellent combination.

Can’t find a 1650V dvd rom in stock-no matter how hard I google. I’ll email Benq -they may shed some light on this. I’ll keep you posted.

A good review of the Ben q 1655 dvd writer here:

Found one here. But its the only store in the UK (never heard of them)-or perhaps my googling skills is pants.

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bazzzz, how about this.

Thanks but they appear to be combos

I can’t belive I can’t find a benq 1650v dvd rom! It’s holding up my pc build.

I suppose I could go for a different manufacturer. I got this idea in my head it would be best to have teh same manufacturer for both the dvd rom and the dvd writer. I’ve already bought the benq 1655v writer.

Time for a rethink.


I’d prefer drives from different manufacturers - so you can profit from different reading capabilities.



looks like a dvd-rom to me.

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This link: Should show you BenQ DVD 1650v RET(Retail). See attached.