Benq DVD-ROM 1650P

I m planing to buy a Benq 1650P, has any one used it and tell me their exprence reading DVD’s, My old lite on HD1660S cant read most dvd’s , So hows BENQ’s performance and can it read all DVD? I know lite on 1660S has some reading problems, and some other drives has problems reading some of ur burned DVD’s but what about BENQ 1650P ?


I am not familiar with the P designation, but the 1640/1650/1655 BenQ drives has been that they are very good readers as well as burners. Many here regret that they are gone.

chas0039 don’t forget the DW as i don’t know what this P version is exactly. Can you give us more info on this drive sorbre.

The 1650P is just a DVD-ROM drive, like LiteOn 166S, AOpen 1648, etc.

@sorbre, sorry, can’t comment on 1650P b/c I never used one, but there should be some old threads if you search around.

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can any one suggest me a DVD player that can play all sorts of DVD’s?

Planing to buy Benq 1650P {}

Any way if u have used it tell me about its performence and problems ( reading new-old, Burned etc DVD’s,

Thanx :slight_smile:

I have a Benq 1650.

I have to admit that it has had problems in reading scratched DVDs.

But, it’s generally a good and reliable burner.

This drive (1650P) isn’t a burner. It is a DVD-ROM drive :bigsmile:

Yes you are correct!

Yep. Maybe the title needs an edit :bigsmile:

Buy one MADE IN CHINA and FOR CHINESE only, not for export outside China. It has some special tweaks to handle bad burn, scratch and/or pirated dvd.