Benq Dvd+r



has anyone tried these?

there is a sale for 200 of them for 60$ at future shop and im wondering if they are just as good as the maxells or better.

the media code is DAXON AZ1 …

another Q:

do these burn at a low speed such as 2x? cuz i will mostly be using thse to backup ps2 that i own so i can keep the originals nice and safe.



Futureshop hasn’t updated it’s website. The disc they’re sell are 8x DVD+R and are Daxon AZ2. Funny thing with the 200 packs are they have been on sale since Boxing week, and in the recent weeks they’re hardly ever in stock. As for quality, they’re not TY or MCC, but they’re certainly very good media so far. Pretty good scans and consistent burns, and for that price, nothing can beat it.

Btw it’s an 8x DVD+R, many burners won’t write it at anything lower than 4x.


I think we have answered this question like umpteen million times already. Yes they are never in stock, cause they are trying to deplete the old 4x stock and any 8x stock IS sold for this great price. If you got a 1620, like me, pick em up, I grabbed another 400 :slight_smile: not bad price for 30 cents a disc roughlly


Actually they’re not trying to deplete 4x stock. In fact they didn’t have any 4x stock since Christmas. I bought a 100 disc spindle during boxing week to try these disc out ($34.99 at the time) and they were already the 8x AZ2. Results were good so I ordered a 200 pack which was delivered with cracked cake boxes, which btw seems to be a common problem (got them exchanged for two 100 packs at a FS store). If FS keeps this price point for the 200 packs and Daxon keeps up the quality, they have a real winner on their hands. They’re way cheaper that the bad quality no-brand discs FS sells.


I bought the -R’s and they turned out to be Fuji03 or 02 I’m at work and can’t quite remember. Any way they have been great no coasters. They work out to be $0.33 each. I have also noticed that they are very scratch resistant. My 16month old has managed to get his hands and mouth on a couple of discs and they with stood the barage and subsequent cleaning with little to no scratches. Hmmmm a new thread? Best scratch resistant media?

I see it was started about a month ago.


I though the 8x -R were SONY08D1 which Daxon also made.


Just so you all know these discs are on promo price until March 23 so we got another month or so to enjoy this price :smiley: stock up and buy em out hehe


Yeah except they are out of stock, in fact they aren’t even listing the 200 pack of DVD +R on their website anymore, lets hope they get some back in stock before March 23. How do you know they are on sale until March 23 anyway, does it say this somewhere?



Interesting info.

Btw as for the stock thing, they seem to pop out onto the site once in a while, so just watch for it. Strange thing is the item sometimes disappears from the system all together, as it is now.


Was in Calgary on Friday and picked up the last box of 200pak +R’s…whew…what a great deal!
I have had a couple of em stutter so badly though that the back wasn’t watchable and had to reburn them. Hopefully I won’t have any problems when I replace this old Liteon 8X with a new Nec 3520.
If anyone is from Calgary though, the guy at the Macleod store said they should be getting more in today (sunday the 13th)


can anyone confirm this cuz i need to burn at 2x ( as i said on my first post, im backing up my own ps2 games )

thanks for all the replies guys im sorry i havent been on here ( vacation )

EDIT: to clear it up … from the top of my head i think the +r are daxons and the -r are sony’s i could be wrong though…


I believe both media codes are manufacturered by Daxon as they probably manufacture some of Sony’s discs.


I know the sale is on till March cause when I was in the store last and I grabbed the set, I asked to see if anymore were coming in. So the guy went to his terminal, and said it looked like none were coming in, and I looked at the screen, and said they were promo priced until then :slight_smile: