BENQ DVD DD DW1620 - Not writing DVD's



Hi ,

I recently bought a benq dvd writer and till now have not been to able to write a single dvd(non-supported media) properly from that drive.I have been able to write cds from this drive though.I recently had flashed it with the latest firmware B7T9 for the drive to be recoganized as BENQ DVD DD DW1620 and possibly eliminate the burn errors.There was no success though.Till now i have not been able to write any dvd successfully.

The error messages from Nero burning software reads "
DVD write Burn process failed at 4x (5,540 KB/s)" everytime i try to write the dvd.I have attached the 2 log files with this messages.These were taken from writing two sessions(log files are very similar in nature.I am attaching both of them just to help those who view this file to trap any different error conditions that might be present) at 4X speed.

Can anyone help me start solving the problem?



Set DMA on for your Hard Drive.
Don’t know if it will solve the problem…

>>DiskPeripheral : ST340016A atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: Off



I don´t know too much about the logs.

Maybe Ur Computer is too slow. 128 MB RAM and DMA turned off for the HD.

Also if I read correctly, you tried to do a Multisession Disc. Maybe this causes the failure.

Try the following:
go to Startmenu -> Nero -> Nero Toolkit -> Nero CD-DVD Speed

Then choose the burner, insert a new blank media. After its recognized, press F9 or go to “Run Test” -> “Create Data Disc”.

After this is finished, beside the minimize Button in the Windowbar, there is a icon. With this U can save a screenshot. Plz upload it to this forum.

Then we´ll see.




The DMA option for the Hard disk is set to “DMA if available” and inspite of this the DMA option is set to off.I followed the procedure outlined for the “Run Test” option of nero and was able to write a DVD completely.The snapshot is attached.

Let me know what you can find.




The Screenshot shows, that the burner is OK.

So it has somehow to do with the compilation/the files you burn, or the DMA setting.

Try the link drpino posted. Especially the part of the removing the IDE channel and restart.

Best way to try, if your compilation is the problem:
Shrink a DVD using DVD Shrink to an ISO-File and try burning it with DVD-Decryptor.



The burner is fine since from the Nero CD Speed graph it burns MCC01RG20 DVD-R 4x @4x (the only supported speed). Thus no need to remove the IDE channel.

My best guess:

  • you have a bad batch of media (from your log: Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)). Try other media
  • DVD compilation. Try what others have suggested.


I had nearly the same problem with a Benq 1620 last week - 2 good burns out of 12. My same setup was fine with a Liteon 451@832s. Out of frustration, I took it back and traded it for a Pioneer DVR-109. This drive’s been great for me - excellent burns with no coasters.

Looks like you got a bad drive like I did, so I would suggest returning the drive and getting a replacement Benq if possible. Although I love the Pioneer, I miss the great tools and tweaking possible with the Benq.


Another Media would be good to try. Some +Media, Verbatims or TY. Also Ricoh are good.

The removing of the Primary IDE channel would be good, because afterwards he gets maybe UDMA for the harddisk.



The reason that DMA is set to “OFF”, even though “DMA if Available” is selected, is because Windows uses BIOS defaults (some IDE drivers will let you disable bios defaults in windows) to set the drives Transfer rate. You need to go into BIOS and check your IDE controller that the 1620 is on and ENABLE it to DMA. You could also load setup defaults in BIOS or CLR_CMOS.



Guess what message I got after

  1. uninstalling and re-installing the Primary IDE channel ,set to DMA mode(Now Hard disk’s properties read 'ULTRA DMA Mode 2")
  2. Writing with no multisession

“Operation Successfully completed at 4X speed”.

Thanks for the help extended fellows,just great. I will monitor drive for more burns and hopefully expecting no errors.