Benq DVD DD DW 1650 quality scan problems!

It’s too bad I didn’t have this drive longer to test with. I have a wide variety of media to test with.

I also have a 1650 with BCDC. Now i understand how to burn, I was checking my burn quality with verbatim media (+R mcc 004, planning to buy verbatim -r)

Yes, I know it’s Dutch… :slight_smile: But it seems that this is quite bad, isn’t it? I burn at 16 or 12 speed, which should be best for this media.

Now I hope you can help me with improving my burn-quality. First I don’t understand how I should interpret the scans. What does PI and the diagram exactly mean? When is it bad/better/best??

I have downloaded Q-suite, but also don’t understand this… Which settings should I apply with this?

I read in another topic that BCDC firmware is really good, but now it is named above that these firmware is terrible with mcc 004 (which i use) What is true, and what should i do now?

I’ve burned a Verbatim MCC004 (WOPC on) @16X, with BenQ 1650 BCHC and the actual burn was stuck at 4X. I’ve used CD-DVD Speed to burn it.


How do i improve my Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 quality scores? I have Solid Burn, WOPC turned on. I burned at 16x using Nero create disc. I am using the BCHC firmware.


NBK, is this the same burn in post #6? Why did you burn it at 4x?

My guess is either you have bad batch of media or bad drive. But looking at some of your scans, unwanted POF exists so I’m leaning towards bad media. Also in your case, when you enable Solidburn and it detects low quality media during jitter test, it lowers the burn speed to avoid coaster, ie your first burns.

Thanks for responding zevia,

It is the same burn in post #6. I burned it at 16x. I am thinking about RMA’ing the BenQ.


Anybody that can help me with my last question (above) :flower:

Try burning at 12x.

Even though your scan didn’t really go much over 8x, set it for 8x not Maximum.

try burning at 12x with SB ON/ON & turning WOPC off …my MCC004 burn alot better this way

Thanks marscay,

Unfortunately i have run out of MCC004. I will try this later.


Thnks, I will set these settings in Q-suite, and burn at 12speed.

What’s left then is the firmware. Just stick with BCDC, which is overall supposed to be very good, but according to the replys here terrible with mcc 004, or download new firmware which has proven to be very good with the mcc 004, and also with the verbatim -r dvd’s?

NBK your burner obviously works fine, the TY scans are good. Maybe try to stick with TY instead of MCC004. If you want good scans, gotta get good discs first.

Got my 1650 this afternoon. Same problems with MC004. Tried with SB=ON, and WOPC=OFF. Better results.

Is there a way to scan with CDSpeed without spindowns every ~250MB?

This is a firmware related issue. You’ll have to use a DW1620 with B7W9 to get rid of these.

Benq 1640 with BSLB is also OK, but with 1650 I tried different FW and had always spindowns