Benq DVD DD DW 1650 quality scan problems!




What is going on these quality scans? Shall i send or RMA this DVD burner back to I have yet to see a good quality scan! All these DVDs were burnt at 16x.

My Benq 1650 is new and my NEC I have yet to upgrade the stock firmware. I used Nero CD-DVD Speed to create data disc.


You make no mention of Qsuite and Solid burn being used with this media. If you used Qsuite I would clear the learned media and reflash the drive in safe mode. Then try reburning a disc with Solid burn enabled. Just my 2 cents.:slight_smile:


I’m test burning and scanning disks on a 1650 right now (someone elses computer). I ran into the same thing. Burns were absolutlly terrible. I enabled solid burn for known medias (solid burn for unknown medias was enabled by default and I left it enabled). That helped quite a bit though scans are not really where I want them right now. Sony d11 burned ok, and I have actually gotten the best burns on cmcmage01 so far. mcc004 is still giving me problems though the best I have gotten so far was with solid burn on/on and wopc off (it burned beter with it off). I think I’m going to try burning at 12x though as I seem to recall some benq’s having issues with 16x burning.


If time is not a issue and quality is what your after then burn @8X. You should see a big improvement. :slight_smile:


The computer is someone elses (I’m just setting up the drive and some software) so they will do whatever I recomend. I’ll try an 8x burn. Its a crappy old celeron computer anyway so they are probably used to waiting anyway, lol…


Thanks crossg,

I enabled Solid Burn and upgraded the firmware to BCHC. The results were better on Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x and Verbatim DVD+R 16x. :a Only problem is my Verbatim DVD-R 16x low quality score! Anyway to improve this?



both of your DVD-R media are okay (seems as if you mixed something up;)). Your MCC 004 (DVD+R) looks good, also - if we ignore that ugly error mountain at the end of the disc. Maybe an issue with the discs themselves?



Thanks for responding Michael,

I have noticed that none of my MCC 004 [DVD+R] quality scans well at all. I have no idea what is causing this, but my Imation branded MBIPG101 R04 had a quality score of 96.


I didn’t wind up getting any good scans with mcc004 either (some were ok but not great). I did get some decent ones with other medias though like maxell002. The computers gone back to the owner though so no more playing with it for me.


Hi ripit,

I guess i will not use Verbatim MCC 004 anymore! I will stick to Taiyo Yuden TYG03 and Verbatim MCC 03RG20.



Hmm, that funny MCC 004 burns solid for me(avg 500 PIF). On the other hand TYG03 are either under 1k or in the 3-10k PIF range.


This only applys to this drive though (with current firmwares I’m guessing). Mcc004 (including disks from the same pack I used) burn very good in my other drives like my nec, my plex 740 (a rebadged benq1640 but its still running plex firmware), my liteon and my aopen. Either there is a firmware that we havent tried (I didnt try any modded firmware) or you might have to use other media till a firmware that supports mcc004 beter comes out. It really suprized me as mcc004 is very good quality media. It might be worth checking the benq 1650 scans thread to see what others have used that worked if it has worked for others.


Hi ripit,

Where do i find older BenQ 1650 firmware? The BenQ website only lists the two most recent firmwares…



Right here


You can find links to BenQ (and Philips) firmware in this thread:
Post new BenQ / Philips firmware ANNOUNCEMENTS here

You can find BenQ DW1650 BCDC and BCHC firmwares on e.g. the BenQ-EU site.
You can download BCFC firmware here.

I think those are all the (unmodified) firmwares you can download.

Why are you linking to the Codeguys’ site for LiteOn firmware? :confused:


Sorry bout that. I copied the wrong link. I tried to delete it but my time had expired. :o :doh: :sad:


This drive kind of strikes me as similar to my old liteon. It’s going to take some time tweaking, trying diffrent settings and firmware, but once you get it setup right, it will perform great with select medias. I cannot tell you how many miles I have gotten on my poor old aged liteon (with the right media, it beats all my other drives). I had to do wuite a bit of changing firmware, trying modded firmwares, testing media etc to get it perfect though. I’m almost wondering if it was a bad drive to recomend to my friend as it will remain the way I set it up. I hope it learns to burn media beter than it did when I gave it to her.


My 1650 had the same issues, it appears the BCDC firmware and earlier is horrible at burning MCC 004 discs.

I upgraded to BCHC and the results at 12x are amazing!


That is very good. how is it with other media, and what are your settings (solidburn etc)?


I tried some cheap Circuit City Nexxtech AML 002 media that was just horrible quality score of 60.

I found some Ritek 4x - r, and I get quality score of 0’s on those. They are quite old and I think were sitting in my closet for close to a year.

But anyways these are my settings:

Solid Burn: On for Supported and unsupported.

That is basically it.