Benq DVD burning/reading problem



Hello i’m new to posting here but love this site for reading reviews and various posts. I’m also very limated in computer knowledge so please go easy on me. After reading the review on the Benq DW 1620 i decided to go for it. Just to LYK i have been buring DVDs with my Pioneer P-105 burner for about a year now and all’s well. Now my DVD Rom died so that’s why i replaced it with the DW 1620 for the fast read speeds as described in the review here. Well got it out of the box pulled out the old DVD rom from my PC plugged in the Benq 1620 in it’s place with the exisisting cables. Got the message New Hardware Detected. Now ripped my first DVD to my HD and was very happy. Burnt my first DVD at 4x speed and perfect results. Few days later tried to rip a burnt DVD to my HD but the Benq doesn’t recognise the DVD is even there and Smart Ripper says NO DVD FOUND but yet my Pioneer will rip it no troubles. Also now when it try to burn a DVD on Benq DW 1620 using various media TDK/Kodac/Fuji/Maxell i get a coaster with a message saying bad burn probably do to MEDIA. Also in the box shouldn’t i have gotten a disk for installing the Benq 1620? All i got was a disk with varios burning software. Do i need to install some sort of firmware update? This is all new to me because i didn’t have to do this with my Pioneer P-105. I use Clone DVD to burn and i highlite the Benq as the burner i want to burn with at 4x speed. I guess what’s bugging me is it worked but now it isn’t. I hope it’s not picky with the media i use as i’ve never had media troubles with my Pioneer or my stand alone Sony RDR-GX7. Sorry for the long post and thanks for any help.

Mike Peters Computer dummy from Canada


I have a 1620 and wouldn’t trade it for any other drive. My best guess is you need the newer BenQ firmware. If you drive is a REAL BenQ you can go to their WEB site and download the update(s).

The latest is B7T9 which supports crappy media better.

I use the -1 version, B7P9 and alot of other BenQ fans that also use it. Best thing to remember BenQ likes GOOD media.


All drives have their preferences for certain media types similar to people’s preferences for liking certain foods better than others. I have found this to be the case with most electronic, and even mechanical, devices. Just serve each unit what it likes in order to avoid hiccupping and “hissy fits” from them.


. . .existing cables? Maybe try a new, flat 80 wire cable? Depending on computer environmentals, this can really help.


Thanks for the answers. By existing cables i mean the ones that were in there for the DVD Rom i pulled out. As far as good media goes wouldn’t Fuji/TDK and Maxell fit into that catagory? Iwill try all those suggestions and get back with th results and thanks. :slight_smile:


Hi Macdon22shipp,

I think you made a good choice with the 1620. I burned a lot of crappy media with it and everything ended with a good burn. No coasters yet on DVD, 1 coaster on a Kodak CD-R (don’t know if the problem was the image or the media).

It is very important to update your firmware, as everyone said. When I received my drive, it was B7H9, which is the 1st release… I was not able to read all of my DVD, but once upgraded, everything is fine.

Normally, you should not have problem with Fuji, TDK and Maxell medias.

May be you can try to update your burning software? I use the latest NERO, the latest DVD Decrypter and the latest Discjuggler and they all work perfectly with B7T9.

Good luck!