BenQ DVD 16X16 Writer is On Sale Again For $29.99

Fry’s electronics has today again on sale the HI-VAL 16X16 DVD writer which is either BenQ 1640 or 1655 for $29.99 after $10 MIR. Look for the: or

Are there any coupon codes for the shipping. It would cost me another $7.99 to ship it

I just went to send the Hi Val burner page from Fry’s to myself and the header for the page comes up as- BTC. I wonder if this a BTC drive?

Here’s the link…

From another post in the Benq forum - It MAY be a Benq, or it may be something else such as a Liteon or BTC. So no guarantees on what you’ll get for those looking to order it in hopes of getting a Benq.

The best thing to do to ensure what is inside of the box to take the ad to Compusa stores ask for price match then you can look in the box @ store and find out what is in it.

One of the member has verified that in Fry’s store near his home checked 8 boxes they all are DW1670 which is indication of BenQ 1670, not bad for BenQ 1670 @ the price of $29.99.