BENQ DTD DD DW1640 USB enclosure problem

Hi All,

I have this BENQ DTD DD DW1640. It has been working really well in my PC. Now recently bought a non brand IDE-USB enclosure to connect it externally to my Laptop. But in ‘My computer’ the drive is chown as CD-Drive and does not read disk. I checked on Device manager and the ‘BENQ DTD DD DW1640’ is shown under the ‘DVD/CD-ROM Drives’. Can anyone tell me of any solution on this!!!

I am using Windows Vista on Dell Inspiron E1505 Laptop.

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The 1640 itself works well as an external burner.
Many users crossflash to BEGB f/w (this is the official BenQ f/w for their external version of the 1640).
I would suggest that you either check the chipset of the caddy, see if it’s flashable.
Alternatively change the caddy.