BenQ drives in duplication towers

After reading so much about BenQ drives i’ve decided to try a few in my duplication towers. I bought a new controller and external case and an Asus A616E to try this out. The BenQ drives are 1650s.

I’m so disappointed really, something must be going on. To copy 1 source (any type) to 2 DVD writers it takes 17 minutes. When I only copy it to 1 writer it only takes 10 minutes.

I have the EXACT same setup with the exact cable configuration and connections, but with NEC 3550 units and it only takes 11 minutes to copy the same source to 2 drives.

Would there be something that would cause the BenQs to take longer? Perhaps a different drive would be better for DVD-R media?

As you may have noticed before, I originally had slow on-the-fly copy results with the NEC drives, but upgrading to some new Asus drives fixed the problems, so I assumed it’d be ok with the BenQ drives.

I used TDK (CMC AM3) 16X DVD-R media at 8x. I also often use Taiyo Yuden 8x media.

Tonight i’m going to try some new IDE cables. If I cant fix it I guess i’ll just swap out the Benq drives for some Pioneer or NEC drives.

I do like the Benq drives so I’ll probably install one of them in my main PC.