BenQ drive: which is the best choice?

I think it is wonderfull the idea, but, as i am still planning to buy it and never had a dvd writer before, I have completely no idea of what do those grafics mean…
In simple terms, as, casually, I was posting this question before searching the forum and finding your thread: if i do not necesarily need the super maxi ultra speed, nor, for example, dvd ram, while yes + and - DL, if I am worried about quality of burns and compatibility of drive with enclosures, with recordabel medias of all kind and brand, and compatibility or burned dvd with om players, what should be the best choice, a 1640, 1650, or 1670? Or should I look for a Lite On with 5s or 6s series as some Liteon fan lately wrote in 1670 preview thread that they, with these firmware, are now better than any benQ? Or a Nec 3550, o other model, or a Samsung?
I am very confused about all the possible features to make quelity and quality control more sure, as bit setting, and allother program which benq, liteon and Samsung seem to have (nec no…)
Any help please? :bow:
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So, maybe we can talk about BenQ. I understood that 1670 is not yet a good sure choice, maybe can become it, maybe not. So, now, did 1650 respected 1640 quality and implemented it making it better, of did it gave a steb behind as it actually seems for 1670 (actually, repeat)?
Just to be clearer, this is from cdrlabs review of 1640:
"With this in mind, I am giving this drive the “Digital Dolphin Friendly” award. This means that it’s about as safe a purchase as you can make, and it’s the kind of drive I would recommend to my own friends and family. This is the highest honour I can give to a drive, and there is no more fitting drive then BenQ’s DW1640."
Is this as valid as for 1650 too?
Last, if 1670 is not so that good, what about Sony dru-820a which it said to be a clone of it? Or it is a clone os some other benQ? And, is it just clone or completely OEM? :Z

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I am as much concerned about the things you mention (compatibility etc.) as you do. After reading a lot of reviews, I got myself a 1655 (which is a 1650 with LS - a unnecessary feature). I am very happy about it. It already read a disc that was considered a coaster by my NEC 2510 :slight_smile: Furthermore, the discs burned by the 1655, give excellent quality scans.

As a bonus, the drive is only 30 euro, cheaper than a 100-spindle Verbs :bigsmile:

About the choice of the Benq model: 1650 or 1655 :slight_smile:

and thanks for moving the post onto a new thread instead of deleting it… :slight_smile:
In other forum I had been told that 1640, and possibly 1650 too, can be flashed with external firmware to achieve udma 4 ability.
Is that true? Because the person who told me that had first suggested a LiteOn 6s drive which seems to have less burn quality but better read/rip ability, and Udma4, good for enclosures as far as I understood. If BenQ 1650 can be flashed with some Benq original firmware to achieve udma4, i would prefer it, as I still am not completely convinced of Liteon.
Other question: I do not understand 1650 bitsetting abilities: it is able to bitset or can it become with a flash? In cdrinfo burner rondup I read that 1640 supports complete bitset, + and - R SL and DL. Otherwhere I read only +. No idea about 1650…

There is no need to flash the 1650 drive to acheive bitsetting. 1650 supports bitsetting just as well as the 1640 no big difference. My 1650 drives already had bitsetting enabled when I purchased them. With Benq drives you can use a tool called QSUITE 2.1. Do a search in this forum and read up on BENQ drives. You have lots of information to learn about Benq drives. :wink:

But, bitsetting of what medias? I get contradictiy infos, some say + and - R SL and DL, other just + R SL…
I see you have also Pioneer 111d. it was suggested to me lately, as first or second choice over 1650, depending on people. But nobody told me anything about their differences. Could You? :slight_smile:

Bitsetting to dvd-rom is for dvd+r media is already enabled on Benq 1650, no flashing of the drive is needed for that capability. There’s no reason for bitsetting to dvd-rom for dvd-r media. It’s the + media that needs to bitset to dvd-rom. Older dvd players did not have the capability to playback dvd+r media, thus bitsetting to dvd-rom for dvd+r media allowed most older first generation dvd players to be able to play them. I know some older Panasonic dvd players did not have capability to playback dvd+r media. But when bitsetting to dvd-rom they were able to play them.

Benq 1650 has bitsetting enabled for dvd+r single layer discs and for dual layer discs. As I mentioned there is no need for bitsetting to dvd-rom for dvd-r media. I haven’t heard of anyone bitsetting to dvd-rom for dvd-r media.

The Pioneer 111D drive already is enabled with bitsetting to dvd-rom for dual layer media. But if you want bitsetting for single layer dvd+r media then you’ll have to use a (hack firmware) what is called third party firmware from “The Dangerous Brothers” website. The drive will have to be crossflashed to the Pioneer 111L 8.19 internal firmware then you reboot your pc after flashing it. Then flash it with TDB Pioneer 111L internal 8.26 firmware then restart your pc. There you’ll now have bitsetting for single layer dvd+r media, labelflash (lightscribe) and dvdram capability. Labelflash is only enabled if you’re using the correct version Nero Burn software.

Conclusion is BENQ 1650 already has bitsetting to dvd-rom for dvd+r single layer and dual layer media. PIONEER doesn’t support bitsetting to dvd-rom for single layer dvd+r media so you’ll have to crossflash it with hacked firmware to have that capability. :slight_smile:

Lot of thanks, FINALLY I understand this bitsetting!!!
Well, may I ask you for an opinion about burn quality of these two drives? :slight_smile: