Benq drive no longer recognized by XP

Hi all,

While burning a disk last week, my laptop locked up. It never recovered and I had to power it down. Now it will not recognize the drive. I haven’t been able to find a driver so XP will install the device. Any suggestions?

It doesn’t get recognized on my desktop or a friend’s laptop either…

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Does the drive still open the tray ? Does it turn on the LED if a disk is inserted ?
Which drive/external enclosure do you have ?


Sorry - I ment to mention that in the post… The drive is a EW162I, and seems to function fine – i.e., the LED and tray work. My hunch was that it was a software issue, but it isn’t recognized on other machines…

If possible you could replace the USB cable.
If the drive is still under warranty, you should return it, as it is not detected on three PCs (I assume these PCs detect other USB devices). Without warranty I would open the case and connect the drive internaly to check if the drive or the USB interface has the problem.