Benq DQ60 Worst burner ever?

I just bought a Benq DQ60 just to test out how bad it is

The Benq 16x DVD-R (DAXON16S) only burned at 12x it refuse to go up to 16x when it said it supports 16x @@ I really hope Benq will refuse another new firmware that burns this burner to a good burner (don’t need to be as good as 1640) :stuck_out_tongue: There are some chinese in the pictures but I think you guys should know where everything are :slight_smile:

@@ the burn drop all the way from 11x down to 1x and the burner said it supports up to 16x for the media >.<

What’s up everyone? This is my first post as I just registered based upon reading the info. on this new player. I’m a “noob” to this DVD writing stuff, however I bought my very first writer which happens to be the DQ60. I went to looking to find an Aopen drive because of online ratings. Dude said he didn’t have any & that the DQ60 is better. At $45.00 including tax I decided I would give it a try. I did a quick search when I returned home & immediately saw all the negative reports starting w/ newegg user reviews. One thing I realized was that after the latest firmware upgrades most people seemed satisfied- the problem is knowing about the firmware updates & being able to find them. To make a long story short, I used to links on here to find the latest upgrade & applied before ever using the writer. I made 3 successful burns lastnight using MAXELL DVD- R, 8x,4.7GB. I was able to write about 1000 mp3s onto the disc which I was able to access in the Benq drive but not in my Sony home entertainment DVD player. I primarily bout this drive as an upgrade from the DVD-Rom I had before. My needs are basically to archive mp3s since DVD can store up to 7 times more than CD- R. So far, so good! The one complaint so far is that Benq should make the firmware issue more widely known & accessible. Other than that, so far it’s good to go! Hopefully I won’t have to come back here in the future with any bad news…

*PLEASE don’t scan with NEC 3540.!!
suggest test in BENQ series writer.

daxon isn’t very good media, maybe thats it

The BenQ DQ60 is a crappy drive this is the info :

The other BenQ’s use a different chipset (1620pro,1640,1655)
if you want more info on it go here:

I suggest if you can return it for another drive

No offense to all the BenQ DQ60 users.

I wouldn’t say its a crappy drive. It’s just does not burn as well as the real BenQ. :wink:

Yeah sorry everybody I shouldnt have said that let me rephrase myself:
The benq dq60’s are not as good as other benq’s.

daxon is a good media I got 90+ score for burning with Pionner A10XL and LiteOn 160P6S at 16x and scan with 1620pro. Seriously whenever I scan with 3540a and 1620 Pro they usually have similar score with maximum 5 points different.

Thank God I cancel to replace my DVR-110 to TEAC 516E (DQ60) :bigsmile:

Of course not. DREADFUL is the proper term. :slight_smile:

What was BenQ thinking with this drive???

I bought an LG 4166b but when i got it, it turned out to be a 4167b. Im glad though now as the 4166b is also based on a panasonic chipset.

The Matsushita chipset with good optics and firmware, is very well capable of excellent quality burns. :wink:

I believe that too I am waiting for new firmware to come out and make the drive better-

I just wanna provide an update: “I’ve already burned about 30 DVDs & I gotta say that this thing works like a charm! This has been the best $45.00 (tax included) I have ever spent! Thank goodness I learned about the firmware upgrade from day 1!”

Daxon is crap media, why would you use that as a benchmark to test a new drive?
Always use a known good stack of reliable media, usually Taiyo Yuden. You can’t draw conclusions based on Daxon - it’s too variable, you never can be sure what you’re putting into the drive.

Yeh but this same daxon media would burn much better if it was in a different burner, thats the point. No burner should burn media that crappy.

DQ60 isnt as bad as BTC drives though.

:iagree: :iagree:

I wonder how long firmware support for any burner will last since new models are introduced so fast?