Benq DQ60 won't burn new batch of same DVD

Yesterday I burned a movie I made with Nero on my Benq DQ60 with a Phillips DVD-R 16X disc and it turned out perfectly – as they have many times before.

Today I got 50 new Phillips DVD-R’s and they simply won’t burn. The discs themselves look exactly the same (old-new batches). However, the cake box wrapping looks different, but it’s labeled DVD-R 16X, as was the wrapping from the old batch. The new batch won’t burn!

I’ve tried all different speeds in nero. Do I need a firmware or driver update? If so, where do I find it? Looked on Google, but can’t find it. Should I give up and buy a new burner?

Thank you, so much, for your expertise so I can burn again.

They surely have a nother MID/mediacode.

I would get reliable media, means Verbatim and TY.

Thanks for your response.

Why do they change the MID/media code?

Do changing the disks improve their performance?

Or are the disk manufacturers in cahoots with the burner manufacturers to force us to buy new burners every few years.

Thanks, again.
David in New York City