Benq DQ60 Needing Firmware



I just purchased the Benq DQ60. I would like to improve my drive, so I am needed the latest firmware and the best way to flash it.

Looking at the label on the drive, it was manufactured on January, 2006 and I believe has MREC firmware installed.

Thank You


Hi :slight_smile:
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At present there is only one f/w available. See here.
Which is what you already have. If you want save the link, it’s where future f/w will be posted.


Thanks Zebadee.

Is there a way to tell which date firmward was installed on my drive? I don’t want to install older or the same firmware.


Hi :slight_smile:
The f/w is lettered. So your MREC will be the same as the f/w that can be downloaded. The next f/w will probably be MRFC. But I’ve no idea when this will be released.


Thanks again Zebadee.

I have read in many posts that without the latest firmware that the DQ60 drive it’s that reliable. But with the latest firmware the drive functions well.

I will install the drive with the firmware that originally came with it and if I have trouble, I’ll come back to this forum to check for answers.