BenQ DQ 60 question

Fixing to buy another DVD drive. After reading around going with a BenQ, only read good stuff about them. Found a BenQ 1650 for 22.00 Dollars today. Was looking at the BenQ DQ 60. It does DVD Ram, not sure how much I would use that. Can’t find any reviews on the DQ 60 though. Is this a brand new drive?

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No, in fact there are many topics on this forum about how the DQ60 is one of the worst products BenQ has released in quite some time. Go for the 1650.

Can’t find one. Can get the 1655 but don’t think I would ever use lightscribe. Looked at newegg and directron and they don’t have the 1650. Did a search and have not found one yet. thanks for the reply and the info. I will get away from the DQ 60. Oh yea, only found the 1655 in black also I need a biege drive. thanks again

Hm… Well, in your first post, you said “Found a BenQ 1650 for 22.00 Dollars today.” Sounds like quite a bargain!

It is probably BenQ 's DVD-rom READER not a writer!

Check the link above & do a search on I’ve owned this drive for about a month & have burned about 50 flawless discs with it already! I was scared when I got home & read the reviews but was blessed to quickly discover that you’ve got to get the newest firmware update installed & it works like a charm!