benQ DOA or what?



I bought a benQ 1620 off newegg the other day during their special for $51.

I just installed it, windows detects it fine, no problems under device manager.

I can’t get anything to be read from it, not the nero cd that came with it, not a blank cd, not a DVD…

This is pretty frustrating. I flashed the drive to the b7t9 fw and nothing works still.

I don’t know what to do, is it DOA or how can I get this thing to work?

edit: There is a small crack on the far left side of the face I noticed too while putting it in. Could of been roughed up during shipping? This hasn’t been my month so far…lot of stuff going wrong. :frowning:


Is it sharing with another IDE device? Are you using an ultra cable (blue plug on one end)? You might want to make it the sole master and see if that works.


Yeah it’s using an ultra cable and it’s already master. No other IDE devices at all.


Does the device Manager show it being in DMA Word 2 or PIO mode? Should be Word 2.


This what you mean?

I didn’t change anything, that’s how it’s been.


your drive is in udma 2 which is fine…seems as your drive maybe DOA…Contact NEWEGG.COM to inform them the drive was cracked during shipping…if not then Contact BENQ for a replacement…


Yeah I filed a RMA with them already. If I can’t get it working somehow tonight I’m going to send it back to them for a replacement.


I personally think it’s DOA because when I put anything into it, it just doesn’t even make noise like it spinning up or anything. After I put somehting into it a very quiet noise can be heard (does it 3 times and stops). I should also note that I have to put my ear right next to it to hear that even.


What I want to know is when you follow your link above…why is your computer called POOP? :rolleyes:


That has got to be the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while. Love the humor TED.

Computer named POOP :o


Not too much I can say about that. :stuck_out_tongue: :o


what sort of IDE cable you using??..


I tried a couple different rounded ones. They all work fine with my other pioneer drives too.


I should also tell you guys, I took it out a little while ago and I heard something inside rattling/bouncing around… that can’t be normal…


I should also tell you guys, I took it out a little while ago and I heard something inside rattling/bouncing around… that can’t be normal…

NOpe your drive is dead…hope you get a replacement fast…


can you try a flat ide cable…you have no clue really what rounded cable does…


try what i suggested


if his drive has a crack in it and he hears noises coming from the drive i doubt using a flat cable will make the drive work correctly. but then again there are miracles! :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


i just want to confirm the fact that using flat cable …he will be able to detect his disc in explorer…i know “something” is rattling but that mostly could have been rattled loose during transportation;;;


If there is something rattling around in the drive I’d have to blame that on FedEX. They don’t treat packages well - not bashing FedEX, they are better than UPS in most cases (for me at least) - they both bash and kick packages around pretty heartily. hehe