BenQ DAXONAZ3 is amazing media

Do we have a new winner in the DVD+R media arena. Can Taiyo Yuden match this:

And this media is not expensive! I laughed at their “PerFect” technology and DG “DataGuard X” technology when I first read the label. See this post:

But I take it all back now. :bow:

I’ll put this disc aside for a rescan in a month or two to see how it looks then…

That’s the part that interests me the most. :iagree: - Great scans, but I’ve learned the hard way from G05 discs that a good scan is not all there is to media quality! :doh:

Thanks for the info [B]CodeKing[/B] :slight_smile:

Those scans are beatiful! :iagree:

There’s quite a lot of discs however, that scan very nicely in LiteOn drives but don’t look nearly as good when scanned in other scanning drives.

The LiteOn drives being such good readers are much easier to please than some other picky drives like BenQ or grumpy drives like NEC. :bigsmile:

There are hardly any discs at all that scan as well as MCC 004, YUDEN000 T02 or TYG02 when scanned in my other (non-LiteOn) drives, even if they scan beatifully in LiteOn drives.

C0deKing, I’m not sure if you have any other reliable (non-LiteOn) scanning drives available, but if you do it would be nice to get a second opinion from one of those drives.

I agree completely, [B]DM[/B]. I have a hard time evaluating burn quality just by seeing a LiteON scan, I prefer BenQ or Plextor personally :slight_smile:

I have actually retired my BenQ because of inconsistant scans (when compared to TRT) and because of unreliable firmware updates, but just for you guys I have put it back in my system again for one last scan.

I’ve also attached a LiteOn Jitter scan so you can see what the LiteOn thinks of this as well. :wink:

Thanks for the scans. Even though the BenQ hates all 12x and 16x burns from LiteOn drives (at least in my experience) this one doesn’t look too bad - especially if you believe the LiteOn Jitter/TA scans instead of the BenQ Jitter scan. Those pit/land histograms are excellent!

So your BenQ scan looks better using CRT instead of TFT?! :bigsmile:
(I guess you meant TRT).

Hmm, I’ve had MCC004 look pretty close to that when burned on my LG 4163B and PX-755SA. It is always nice to see some other media besides the big Japanese names (MKM, TY, Maxell, TDK etc) with good quality.

That’s probably because it was burned in an LG.

So your BenQ scan looks better using CRT instead of TFT?! :bigsmile:
(I guess you meant TRT).

Hehe, you got it. Damn F key is too close to the R key. :bigsmile:

Yes, well uhhh… one of your scans in the first post was burned on a LiteOn drive so that got me confused… Yeah, that’s it - I’m sticking with that story! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, Benq (Daxon) media is excellent quality for the money. I have found their +R to be better than -R however. I also like the BenQ CD-R discs as well. They are as good as Ritek and Verbatim I have found. They also use the dataguard technology, if it even exists. But I can get the BenQ CD-R’s for half the price of Verbatim and Maxell Ritek discs, and I have found them to be very good and play well in my picky car cd player.
I would buy some more BenQ +R discs however I just bought 375 Fuji YudenT02’s for $12.95 AUD per 25 pack.
For peeps outside Australia, thats dirt cheap for TY +R discs. The BenQ +r’s cost about $30.00 per 50 pack. So when TY’s are cheaper than BenQ then there’s no hard decision to make.

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Great scans, but I’m also wondering about stability… please, [B]CodeKing[/B], don’t forget to report in a couple of months! :iagree:

[slightly OT]

I realise I’m pretty ignorant in this area. Guess what? I don’t like that. :bigsmile:
Are there any sources explaining these histograms? If I’m not mistaken, until the recent experimental LiteOn firmwares, only Plextor drives had such an analysing feature…? Does the Plextools utility include some reference?
[/slightly OT]

Same here :stuck_out_tongue:

Lovely scans, C0deKing - thanks for sharing them :bow:

I too am looking forward to seeing rescans in say a couple of months, though :wink:


There is a brief explanation about the TA histograms on the PxScan/PxView homepage:

What is TA?

The TA test will create a histgramme of pit-land/land-pit transition lengths on a logarithmic scale: Due to jitter, those structures will never have the exact length they are supposed to have (3, 4, 5, …, 10, 11 and 14), but will differ more or less. A perfect test result shows spaces between each peak, meaning that stuctures supposed to have a length of x are always in [x-0.5, x+0.5], so that there is no ambiguity.

You can also read more about jitter and these histograms in the following paper (PDF format):

Jitter, what it is and how to measure it (pages 6-7 especially)

An excellent TA histogram has all the peaks perfectly centered and completely separated from each other.

I’m not so sure about stability, but it seems that BenQ media is at least good for everyday use :slight_smile:

The TA test was introduced with the PX-716 model. In the 716 manual, downloadable from Plextor website, there are few pages (87-89) about this feature.

Also Plextools/Plextools XL Online manuals report more or less the same informations. :slight_smile:


I’ve always used Benq +R 8X DAXON AZ2 media and I find it very good.
Benq CD-R are excellent too , scrached or dirty discs always play fine on a picky Creative CD-MP3 player .

@[B]DrageMester[/B] & [B]Eltranquil[/B]: thanks! :smiley:

Now I just need to find a shop in this area selling BenQ DVD media and then I have my new, everyday usage DVD media! :slight_smile:

I was surprised to see this scan in another thread a couple weeks ago:

Maybe that’s where C0deKing picked up on them as well :wink: . His test shows this wasn’t just a lucky result. Good to know, as I never thought highly of BenQ/Daxon discs either.