BenQ Customer service stinks!

:sad: I am a new poster to this forum but have been reading the threads for a while…so here is My question or rant…

I have heard a lot of good thing about BenQ,so I purchased a EW162I & right off the bat I had problems. Called BenQ & told Cust, serv. rep.(Lisa) My problem.She decides that because I am using a 2.0 seial card that the external burner will not work properly. So she sets up an RMA exchange & says i will be shipped a DW1640 (Great!!) I wait & wait & wait & no burner. I have called so many times to BenQ & it is almost impossible to get a live person there.Finally I speak to (Mirko) & says My order was just sitting there (over 3 weeks) as the dept. did not know how to handle this. Mirko says that this will be handled immediataly…I say***GREAT,finally*** so this morning I go to Fedex to pickup My new burner…open it up & it is the same model I sent in!!! I am totally pissed off now as I do not feel like going through hell again to rectify this as this resembles a bad scene from the movie “Grounghog day”
Is this typical of BenQ’s cust service relatons with its customers?..Thanls

Strange I have had good service from them. I have a BenQ scanner it went faulty a month out of warranty and I spoke to a lady in Ireland and she said just send it back ewith the RMA number she had given me and if it can be fixed it will be. It was and then returned to me all I had to pay was the cost to send it to them in Ireland which was only £10.

Even if the customer service rep said they would send out a different model it is standard practise to replace like with like if it is available, if not the next comparable model may be sent in exchange. Therefore unless you mean they sent you the drive you returned to them they have done everything correctly.

Though saying that when something is sent back they will test it and if it is found that it is not faulty they have every legal right to return it back to you. Therefore if it is your PC hardware that is the cause of the problem they have no legal responsability to take or exchange the item. It is your responsability to find out about compatability before you buy. Harsh I know but it is the way it is.

All policys set aside, this exchange was okayd by a BenQ tech. &Ii was given a RMA # for the exchange per our conversation.

That’s just it policy may not be set aside if the instructions are not passed on to the people at the returns and testing areas of the company which may not even be in the same building. A customer service rep can not over ride policy off their own back, I am speaking generally here, they need the authorisation of a superior to do so.

I, personally, would take it to the next level and start a paper trail and write a letter to the head of customer service explaining what has happened and how you would like the issue resolved. Keep it to the facts and do not put in any personal thoughts or feelings. A number of companies hate paper trails as then there is hard proof of what has gone on, e-mails can be lost and phone calls forgotten but once you have a hard copy reply they can’t deny anything. Get a proof of postage when you post it, these are free in the UK and if they exist where you are hopefully the will be too.

If there are any consumer help groups where you are use them, they are very useful and usually free. They will know more about your rights then we will, as they can change from country to country and in places like the US from state to state.

Thanks for the reply… I spoke to a supervisor last week that said He would get this straightened out & I will be sent the right burner. Well today FedEx was at the door with a package from benQ, allright finally the right burner! I open the box & it is the same garbage I sent back a “EW162I” I give up with BenQ as this burner is going in the trash as I have no use for it & I am going to buy a burner from a better company other than a horrible more organized company. Now to find a good burner!

BenQ EW162I is based on BenQ 1620 which is a very good burner.

What is the problem with your BenQ drive anyway? If you can explain the problem, I’m sure many knowledgable members here can help or try to troubleshoot.

The problem I had was I was constantly losing recognition of the burner from My USB port. called benQ & tech pinned it down to bad burner.
as of now the unopened burner is sitting outside in the trash for Wednesdays garbge pickup. I will read through all the forums & try to get a good recommendation on a good burner other than BenQ
ThankYou VERY much for the replys & help as I know I have found the right Forum for all My help etc.
Happy Holidays to all!!! :slight_smile:

Darn, I wish I knew where you lived I would come right away and pick that BenQ out of the trash

Yep, BenQ customer support (in the US) sucks big time… plan on tossing your drive if you get a defective one if the retail store won’t replace.

I had to call over a period of a few days before I finally got a live person, who was also named Lisa.

the most annoying aspect is that instead of a radio station or selection of hold music they have 1 song. This 2 minute long song is so grating on the nerves that after 10 minutes of listening to it on a 2 minute loop I was ready to chew off my own hand to get away from it. And the song itself is like a poorly crafted back street boy band type song set to cheese factor 10.

The first time I called I waited 25 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore so I hung up. I called back 2 days later and after 15 minutes I finally got someone. their system had gone down so I was given a case number and told I would receive an email with the RMA and a pre-paid return label for UPS. I did receive the email, however since the company shuts down for the last 2 weeks of the year for inventory and such, they won’t be resuming RMA shipments until Jan 4th. So it doesn’t matter when I send it in, it’s just going to sit there until next year.

My local Micro Center has the 1640’s in stock. It’s too bad I already bought a DQ60 from Newegg…I’m in a kind of limbo until I get my 1620 swapped out.

I have a BenQ 1620. Back in August of 2005, I wrote a question at their website, asking for help since my Gigabyte motherboard was not recognizing the burner.

I got an answer… on Mar 14, 2007!!! This is the most deplorable customer service in the USA I have ever seen. I would never buy another BENQ product… EVER. :Z

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

OMG… :doh: Sorry to hear about that. :sad:

You better been posting your problem here, I’m sure we would help you out faster then BenQ.
Hoppe your drive is (still) up and running. :wink:

I am surprized they answered after 2 years, hard to believe but I do believe you. Customer Service is definitely on the downturn.:iagree:

That depends on where you live. On-line shoppers in the EU are protected by the EU distance selling regulations.

Dumpster diving time. :bigsmile:

You say you put it in the dumpster unopened then how do you know it was the same drive.

I’m stock-piling old BenQ drives for parts. Already I’ve repaired one of my OEM 1640’s that was stuck at 4x - replaced the motor with one from another and it worked just fine. I was really mad at BenQ as they wouldn’t RMA the drive when the motor died and there was no reason as the drive was under warranty.

As I’ve always said, the 1640 can be a superb drive if you get a good one!