Benq comes with Collision Guard - more coaster protection

I just posted the article Benq comes with Collision Guard - more coaster protection.

Yesterday we announced that Benq has released more information on their latest drive the 5224P (Scheduled for December in Europe). A new technology that was listed amongst the features was a new…

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Strangely, I haven’t seen my Liteon fail once while writing at 32x. I’d say that this feature may more suited to preventing mistracking on poorly produced CD-Rs, i.e. off balanced.

That and there’s one other thing I can think of. My friend bought a cheap computer. It had a fast CPU and lot of ram. But to save the money compaq put an extremely slow hardrive in it. The data coming off the drive couldn’t keep up with the burner. He kept making coasters. I took him to best buy, put a ATA 100 7200 drive in it. He hasn’t made a coaster since.

Both of you are confusing this with burnproof like solutions, which takes care of this. The actual technology spoken about here is the “anti-bump” one, similar to what one could see with a car cd-player skipping and returning to the right place where it had left previous to skipping

Yeah but I just assumed it could be used as a burn proof solution. Then I just share my experience where a burn proof solution would be cheaper then the solution of buying a new hardrive. I could be wrong, but I just thought it was at least some sort of burn proof solution.

Obiwantje is right. It sounds very similar to Sanyo’s Shock-BP However, I’m sure that their is some sort of burn proof solution involved. Otherwise the drive would not be able to resume writing after a shock or bump.