Benq comes with 52x CDRW and USB2.0 CDRW drives

I just posted the article Benq comes with 52x CDRW and USB2.0 CDRW drives.

Blackbeard used our newssubmit to tell us that Benq has posted a press release on their website announcing a 52 speed CDRW drive. Benq also announces a portable USB2.0 CDRW drive. You can also…

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Benq needs to work on making ‘better’ cdrw drives instead of ‘faster’ ones.

What does that mean - the drive will make a cd in 2.75 minutes instead of 3.25 minutes? Or 5 minutes? I mean… come on! :slight_smile:

Yawn 52x? How much faster are they going to go? And the improvement? 20 seconds. We need faster RWs, not CDRs. A 32x RW WILL catch my attention.

Damn! 2 years ago people were bitching that the drives weren’t fast enough now everyone’s bitching that they’re too fast.

20x and 24x rewriting speeds are available soon…maybe that will catch ur eye? :d