BenQ COMBO CB523C acting up, is it dead?

OK, so I want to burn a CD. Get a blank CD off the spindle, put it in the drive. Windows kind of hangs, but not quite. You see, if I open Nero before I put the disc in the drive, Nero jams when the blank disc is inserted. If not, I cannot access the drive while the blank disc is loaded, and as soon as I eject the disc, I then see the Windows AutoPlay asking me what I’d like to do with the disc. Keep in mind I just ejected said disc. The drive started doing this out of nowhere, and I’ve flashed the firmware to version G.NB, the latest according to The Firmware Page. Should I just buy a new drive, then? The other drive I have in this computer works fine (NEC 3550A)

Probably some software conflict or burning app acting up. Can even be media that drive can’t handle.

Try restart compu with windows installation cd (or a Linux distro) in drive to check if drive is still able to read/write.

I’m using Memorex CD-Rs, drive can’t read either without causing an Explorer lockup.