BenQ CD-R Burning Problems

Hello, I have purchased a pack of 50 BenQ CDs and the package says it is 52XCD-R 700MB with DataGuard Technology. I have an HP computer with Windows XP and have experience burning cds onto CD-R. I burned a movie onto the CD-R sony disc after this one on BenQ failed. I am burning at 24X …first of all does the speed matter? Is it not working because the BenQ CD-R is saying it burns at 52X and Im burning at 24X? Also, this package had Asian writing on it…is it possible that these CD-Rs are not compatible with my computer because they are from China? I’m totally unfamiliar with BenQ and bought the package because it was on sale, but now it won’t burn a movie. I am going to see if it will burn Mp3 even. I’m just wondering if this sounds like an incompatibility problem since the CD-Rs are possibly from another country.